Make a Holiday-Inspired Mason Jar Chandelier

Designer Dan Faires adds rustic ambiance to an outdoor space during the holidays with do-it-yourself lighting made from Mason jars and lush tree trimmings.
White Traditional Porch With Colorful Holiday Decor

White Traditional Porch With Colorful Holiday Decor

Materials Needed:

  • two pieces of 36-inch-long scrap wood
  • two pieces of 24-inch-long scrap wood
  • drill
  • 3/8" bit
  • 1/2" paddle bit
  • 3/8" sisal rope
  • battery-operated tea lights or votive candles
  • 10 Mason jars in various sizes
  • pack of C-hooks
  • galvanized wire
  • measuring tape
  • handsaw
  • utility knife
  • tree trimmings
  • heavy-duty eye hook

Lay Out Frame

Lay two 36-inch and two 24-inch pieces of scrap wood out on a flat, level surface in the shape of a rectangle.

Drill Holes in Frame

Create chandelier frame by fastening scrap wood pieces together in a perfect rectangle. Using drill and 3/8-inch drill bit, add large holes into each of the four corners of the frame. Note: The frame will be held together by sisal rope which will thread through each of the holes, then attach to the ceiling.

Cut Sisal Rope

Based on the intended hanging height of the chandelier, cut sisal rope to size using a utility knife. Tip: When hanging the chandelier above a table surface, keep in mind that designers suggest a range between 30-32 inches from the bottom of the hanging fixture to the top of the table for spaces with 8-foot ceilings. For spaces with ceilings higher than 8 feet, add an additional inch of fixture-hanging height for every additional foot of ceiling height.

Cutting Sisal Rope for a Chandelier

Cutting Sisal Rope for a Chandelier

Attach Sisal Rope

Thread each strand of sisal rope through each of the four holes drilled into the edges of the frame. Next, create thick knots to securely keep the rope tied to the bottom of the chandelier. Note: The opposite ends of each strand of rope will be tied together to the eye hook which will be attached to the ceiling.

How to Attach Sisal Rope

How to Attach Sisal Rope

Add C-Hooks for Votives

Use drill to add 10 pre-drilled pilot holes along bottom side of chandelier frame facing downward toward table. Tip: Be sure to space these out evenly for a more balanced look.

How to Add C-Hooks to a Wood Chandelier

How to Add C-Hooks to a Wood Chandelier

Add Wire to Mason Jars

Create hanging handles atop each Mason jar with galvanized wire. To do this, wrap the perimeter of the Mason jar once or twice with wire, tie into place, then add an additional wire up and over the top of the jar.

How to Hang a Mason Jar

How to Hang a Mason Jar

Attach Mason Jars to C-Hooks

Once the hanging handles of each Mason jar are complete and secure, place votives or battery-operated tea lights inside, suspending each Mason jar from the C-hooks.

How to Attach Mason Jars to C-Hooks

How to Attach Mason Jars to C-Hooks

Add Tree Cuttings to Frame

Gather fallen branches with greenery from the yard, or pick up bundles of Christmas tree trimmings from a local Christmas tree lot. Layer trimmings along the top of the chandelier frame, securing them in place with galvanized wire.

Hang Chandelier

Suspend chandelier to proper height above table. Attach heavy-duty eye hook into stud in ceiling. Next, thread two of the sisal rope strands through the hook, then knot them with the remaining two strands just along the outside of the hook. Stand back to ensure a level hang, then adjust as necessary. Light votives or turn on battery-operated tea lights.

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