How to Tie a Nautical Rope Wreath

Add some nautical-inspired festivities to your front door with this casual yet intricate knot that is anything but ordinary.

Nautical Rope Wreath

Photo By: Kristin Guy

Kristin Guy

By: Kristin Guy

Materials Needed:

  • 25' sisal or nylon rope
  • rose, cream and periwinkle-colored embroidery floss
  • sharp shears
  • hot glue gun and sticks

Wrap Embroidery Floss

Lay rope flat, and wrap small 1/2- to 1-inch sections with colored embroidery floss to create random color blocks along the entire stretch of the 25-foot rope.

Add Colored Embroidery Floss

Photo By: Kristin Guy

Kristin Guy

Weave Four Loops

To create a Turk's head knot, start at the left end of the rope and create two loops to form a pretzel shape (image 1). Take the longer end of the rope, and begin weaving underneath the short end of the rope (image 2). Continue to weave long end of rope through the pretzel loops, and pull extra rope all the way through to tighten the knot (images 3 and 4). Leave space in the middle to form wreath shape (image 5). You should have four overlapping loops.

Repeat Looping Pattern

Repeat this looping pattern three more times — follow the outside of the last rope layer created to form four additional loops each time rope is weaved through the overlapping loop pattern (images 1-3).

Tighten Loop Pattern

Continue pulling extra rope through and tightening the formation as you go until you use all the rope's length (image 1). Final wreath should have four layers of rope loops sitting side by side (image 2).

Secure Ends

Secure the two loose ends of the rope with hot glue onto the backside of your wreath. Hang on your front door to welcome guests.

Nautical Rope Wreath Detail

Photo By: Kristin Guy

Kristin Guy

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