Hoodie Halloween Costume: Frog

Your trick-or-treater will be hopping with excitement over this fun frog costume. A hoodie, felt and a few other inexpensive materials are all you need to craft a warm, cozy costume for your little tadpole.
Your trick-or-treater will be hopping with excitem

Your trick-or-treater will be hopping with excitem

Your trick-or-treater will be hopping with excitement over this fun frog costume

Materials Needed:

  • green hoodie
  • green sweat pants or leggings
  • yellow felt
  • green felt
  • black felt
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • straight pins

Prepare Templates

Print 2 copies of each template and cut out. Next, place your templates on the appropriate felt: The belly template and spots on the yellow felt, the eye sockets on the green felt and the pupil templates on the black felt. Tip: Depending on the size of your child, it may be necessary to scale the belly templates to fit. To do so, lay the printed template on top of the hoodie with the flat edge resting against the zipper. Maintaining the shape of the template, draw your tummy shape to fit between the top of the hoodie's pockets and the collar, cut out and use this template instead when cutting out the tummy.

Step 1, Print and Cut Templates

Step 1, Print and Cut Templates

Print the templates and cut them out.

Sew the Belly Panels

Pin the belly templates to the yellow felt and cut out (Image 1). Remove the template and pin the felt cut-outs to the front of hoodie with the edge wrapping around the seams at the zipper. Stitch on the tummy pieces with a sewing machine (Image 2).

Attach the Spots

Pin the spot templates to yellow felt. Cut out, then pin them to the hoodie's back and shoulders. Attach with a sewing machine and remove any stray threads.

Step 4, Cut Circle Spots and Pin

Step 4, Cut Circle Spots and Pin

Cut out the circle spots and pin them in place on the back and shoulders.

Sew the Eye Socket

Pin the eye socket template to green felt and cut out. Sew the ends of the eye socket together creating a loop (Image 1). Lay the loop flat with the seam lying flat against the felt below. Pin in place and sew the arch together leaving the straight edge open. Remove any stray threads and turn it inside out. Hand-sew the eye sockets to the top of the hood using a sewing needle and green thread (Image 2).

Create Eyeballs

Stuff a small amount of fiberfill into the white knee high. Gather the knee high together to form a tight ball. Tie the knee high tightly at the base of the ball with fishing line (Image 1). Cut away excess fabric leaving about 1/4" to 1/2" of fabric free (Image 2). Repeat for the other eyeball keeping them the same size. Insert the eyeballs into the sockets with the tied part to the back. Hand sew the eyeballs in place from inside the hood securing it inside the socket (Image 3). Finally, cut 2 pupils from the black felt and hand-sew them to the front of the eyeballs with black thread (Image 4).

Finishing Touches

Pair your finished froggie hoodie with green sweat pants or leggings and your tadpole is ready for Halloween.

Your trick-or-treater will be hopping with excitem

Your trick-or-treater will be hopping with excitem

Your trick-or-treater will be hopping with excitement over this fun frog costume

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