Take a Botanical Break in Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan is home to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum, two separate botanical destinations within Ann Arbor.

By: Lish Dorset

Photo By: Austin Thomason

Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Stepping inside the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, you'll find classrooms, display gardens, nature trails and the conservatory.

From the School, For the City

The gardens and arboretum strive to offer a nature-based destination for students and residents alike.

Four-Season Escape

No matter the season, the conservatory is a plant-lover's haven.

Cool View

Curious to look at flowers from a different perspective? Try looking at them through a large kaleidoscope.

So Succulent

Succulent lovers, take note. The back of the conservatory is home to a variety of warm-climate-dwelling specimens.

Asian Gardening

The Bonsai & Penjing Garden at Matthaei currently offers 70 trees representing traditional Japanese and Chinese styles along with American and European influences.

Focus on Peonies

For those who adore flowers, the Nichols' Arboretum Peony Garden is the place to be each spring.

Image courtesy of The University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum

Historic Species

The garden is home to 270 heritage peony varieties from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries representing the best American, Canadian and European peonies of the era.

Common Grounds

University of Michigan students and Ann Arbor residents flock to the arboretum during peony season, but love spending time on the grounds any time of year.

Warm Welcome

Beyond the peony viewing, there's always a lot going on at the gardens.