Living Room Pictures From HGTV Urban Oasis 2019

Hygge style radiates from every corner of this stylish, Scandinavian-inspired living room in a modern, neutral color palette.

By: Jessica Lowry Vizzutti

Monochromatic Modern

Bright white walls pop against black-framed windows in this monochromatic family room. A large sectional sofa in gray provides seating for a crowd while the angular lines in the coffee table and floor lamp play off the geometric prints found on the rug and pillows.

Scandinavian Style

A modern, Scandinavian floor lamp adds extra light to the space and brings an architectural accent to the room while black shades create contrast but still allow soft, diffused light into the room for a natural and airy feel.

Modern Layers

The large, geometric coffee table feels fresh and provides ample space for Scandinavian-inspired accents including candles, books and a carved horse from a local Minneapolis shop. Layering a mix of accents in natural tones with black and white creates texture and movement in the seating area while still maintaining a clean, modern aesthetic.

Farmhouse Fresh

Tall ceilings, large windows, a midcentury-modern sectional sofa, and a black and white color palette transform the living room with a fresh, modern farmhouse feel.

Hometown Spirit

A black-and-white rug from Minneapolis native designer Genevieve Gorder adds a hometown take on Scandinavian design to this inviting lounge area.

Natural Mix

A maidenhair fern adds a natural touch of life and color to the soft, subtle seating area.

Going Geometric

Strong geometric patterns and clean lines on the area rug draw the eye across the room, into the seating area and onward to the wall of windows.

Chic and Chunky Knits

A textile wall hanging from Scandinavia adds a natural texture behind the Danish modern floor lamp and midcentury-modern sofa. Adding in a mix of throw pillows in chunky textures and geometric patterns keeps things interesting, Nordic and relaxed.

Featured Focal Point

An original John Gidding painting depicting three Norse Gods adds a focal point above the side table with a dose of modern Scandinavian design.

Natural Nordic Influence

Mixing midcentury-modern influenced candle holders with a hand-carved puffin on this long side table adds warmth and subtle natural influence to this corner of the room.

Organic Storage Solutions

Natural basket drawers bring a neutral texture to the room and add extra storage to keep the room feeling relaxed and tidy.

Naturally Bright

The light tone of the wood floors in the family room keeps the space feeling bright and airy while adding a natural element to the room.

Midcentury Gathering

An asymmetrical layout from the L-shaped sectional mix with the oversized Danish modern floor lamp and hanging wooden ship create a living space that exudes youthful energy and midcentury style.

A Study in Contrast

Mixing natural elements into the living room from the carved horse to the hand-woven boat weaves raw elements throughout this space and brings tactile contrast to the soft knits found in the pillows and sofa.

Scandinavian Whimsy

This hand-woven ship gives a subtle nod to Scandinavia’s Viking history that permeates Minnesota style and adds a touch of whimsy to this corner of the living room.

Homespun Hygge

Warmth and coziness are found in every corner of the living space at HGTV Urban Oasis 2019, from candles on the tables to soft throws and Nordic-print pillows on the sofa.

Neutral Harmony

Mixing textures and patterns in monochromatic tones with throw pillows keeps the eye moving and adds a relaxed vibe to the living room sofa.

Creative Contrast

From the geometric rug in black-and-white to windows framed in black against bright white walls, this spacious seating area is a study in contrast.

Modern Farmhouse Funk

Mixing a large L-shaped sectional sofa in gray with a midcentury-modern style chair in white shag brings a funky, modern feel to this modern farmhouse living room.

Stylish Shag

Relaxing at the end of the day with a cup of tea and book feels stylish and fresh in this midcentury-modern inspired shag chair.

Playful Patterns

The monochromatic rug from designer Genevieve Gorder combines a mix of geometric patterns that plays off the other knit textures found throughout this seating area.

Industrial Illumination

A sliding-glass door in factory-inspired black opens to the deck to create a versatile indoor and outdoor living space.

Nordic Accent

The clean, monochromatic pattern of the custom Nordic wall art draws the eye into the space and plays off the geometric elements found in the soft accents around the space.

Custom Cozy

This custom piece of knit artwork adds a sweater-inspired statement to this corner of the room. A mix of pillows, a shag rug and a playful rocking horse invite relaxation and enjoying time with family and friends.

Nordic Pillows and Chill

Nordic-style prints are found in the mismatched pillows on the sofa along with knit-sweater style pillows in gray and white creating a cozy spot to watch a movie with the family at the end of the day.

Scandinavian Scene Setter

A piece of textile art turns a Nordic sweater pattern into a focal point of the room and brings Scandinavian style to every accent.

Easy Open Floor Plan

The family room opens to the kitchen area for easy entertaining and open concept living.

Artistic Equine

A framed photo of an Icelandic horse adds an adventurous outdoor element to the hallway as you exit the living room.

Scandinavian Island Style

The kitchen island is simple and modern with black countertops and a wood base that pops against the living room’s wall of windows in this open-concept living area.

Relax and Connect

Unwinding is easy in this Scandinavian farmhouse space that invites connection and relaxation in every element.