Wow-Worthy Art From HGTV Urban Oasis 2019

From a vintage local sign to gigantic adventure travel photography, the curated art that decorates the HGTV Urban Oasis 2019 celebrates the culture and location of this Scandinavian Farmhouse located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

By: Jeannie Matteucci

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Adventure Photography

In the master bedroom, a custom framed adventure photo of Icelandic horses along a fjord in the winter by Kelly Christine Sutton makes a statement on the wall by the bed. The photo captures the culture of the region and the soothing blue-gray color used for the walls in this stylish space.

Modern Viking Helmet

A modern interpretation of a Viking helmet by American-Turkish designer and HGTV host John Gidding decorates a wall of the home’s stylish dining room, a super-architectural space that enjoys lots of natural light thanks to four large windows.

Catch Your Flight

A black and white stretched canvas print with black frame showcases the local Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport (MSP). The contemporary style art was placed in the stairwell by the dining room that leads to the upper level of the home.

Natural Beauty

Located just off the living room, this framed winter photo of an Icelandic horse with blonde mane in front of the ocean commands attention. The stunning photo introduces all the different shades of icy blue, white, mustard and natural tones used for this home that celebrates the Scandinavian countries that make up Minnesota culture.

Chic City Maps

The modern guest bedroom with moody black walls includes framed travel city maps of Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen that offer a nod to the Scandinavian culture of the region.

A Scandinavian Welcome

On a wall just off the entry and lounge area sits three signs in Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish that all translate to “welcome”. These signs with Scandinavian flavor sit above hooks for grab-and-go storage of keys, bags and more.

Three Norse Gods

Above an industrial console table in the living room sits this original piece of art by HGTV host John Gidding that depicts three Norse gods. The custom piece includes hints of the same mustard color seen in the massive framed photo of an Icelandic horse in the nook hallway just off the living room.

Hand-Woven Ship

The lounge-worthy living room with lots of natural light includes this hand-woven Viking ship that hangs from the ceiling in back of the space, for a nice touch of Nordic style.

Touch of Texture

A massive eight-foot-by-eight-foot custom Nordic Tapestry makes a strong statement in the living room. Made from scratch, the custom framed art that adds texture to the wall was inspired by a classic Nordic sweater pattern with images of polar bears and evergreens in shades of gray, white and black that gives a nod to the Scandinavian countries that make up the culture of Minnesota.

Attention Grabber

Framed photos that look like Pop Art decorate the wall above the bed in the master bedroom. “A photographer actually takes vintage toy trucks and takes a picture of them in front of a white backdrop,” says designer Brian Patrick Flynn. “And at first they look like a painting and the more and more you look at them you’re like, ‘wait, is that an actual truck?’ and then you realize, ‘oh, it’s a toy’.”

Local Flavor

In the home’s entry, visitors see this custom piece of photography that depicts a trout caught in a local lake, located above a hanging rack with hooks for grab-and-go storage of handbags, jackets and more.

Enjoy the Water

On the stairwell landing to the second floor, custom framed blueprint art by HGTV host John Gidding depicts canoes and a Viking ship. The art decorates the top of another hanging rack with easy-access storage for bags, caps and more.

Scenic Fjords

The stairwell also includes two gigantic 4-by-5-foot adventure travel photographs with custom frames that highlight red summer cabins on a jagged rock in the north of Norway. Just below the photographs sits a pair of oars on the wall that act as a nod to the recreational activities and summer lifestyle of Minnesota.

Curated Look

In the home office with bright white walls and a blush tone ceiling, a collection of graphic, photography and textile art give the space a curated look. Floating picture ledges with a glossy white finish on the wall offer the chance to display, move and add art based on mood and the season.

Clever Decor

A bright white kite shaped like a Nordic Viking ship that the design team found at the American Scandinavian Museum was hung in the corner of the guest bedroom. This clever and unexpected piece of art pops against the moody black walls of this edgy space.

Abstract Art

Framed abstract diptych art with varying shades of gray decorates this blue-gray shiplap wall of the guest bathroom. Below a hotelier made from premium metal construction with a matte black finish has an upper shelf and towel bar that offer a way to air dry towels and display greenery and decorative items.

Attractive Storage Space

Framed drawings, a framed photo and assorted Nordic items decorate the industrial-style galvanized shelves with hanging racks located in a nook hallway off the mudroom.

Vintage Touch

Above the charming wood bench in the mudroom sits a sheet metal sign build manager Dan Faires found from a Minneapolis company that went out of business in 1931. The vintage sign with a bold mustard-colored background was framed and used as art to decorate the area and add local flavor.