Editor's Pick: Our Favorite My Urban Life Photos

We're asking you to show us a photo of what urban life means to you by entering My Urban Life Sweepstakes. It's been hard to choose favorites out of the thousands of creative entries, but here are a few shots that caught our eye. Don't forget, there's still time to enter the sweepstakes, and a different winner will receive $500 each week!

"Urban life means walkable streets, captivating architecture and cultural diversity" - mrsbrookerad

"It's almost the season for pants in Los Angeles" - mylifeatplaytime

"Cloud machines" - diacorona


"Urban life is full of nice surprise as you walk the streets" -  freemdom_photography

"Sir Pounce is carving pumpkins!" - creative_wordist



"Downtown Seoul lantern festival" - angelbearyls


"Lady bird lake in Austin" - angelbearyls

"Urban life means unexpected delights while you are shopping!" - freemdom_photography

"Sculpture garden dog park" - linley675




"Grand Central Station" -  jessicahaasdesigns


"Urban Sweets!" - theygotme_3only

"Loving the fall trees" - kimmyflies

"Urban Amazon in Sri Lanka" - lexstorey

"The sweet life" - net.net.netty

"CHARLESTON" - drummerboy1588


"A few of my new friends I made yesterday" - net.net.netty

"My Urban Life includes enjoying the spectacular beauty of my town." - jenilane29

"My urban life, my urban garden, at the end of it's season" - amkrtschjan

"Chicago City Marathon" - molly1310


"Center city traffic jam circa 1913 or 2013?!" - therealsacco

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