Garden Photos: HGTV Green Home 2009

Saving space, increasing yields and conserving water were at the top of the list when planning the backyard gardening space of HGTV Green Home 2009.

A vertical garden provides a bounty of fruits and vegetables — namely strawberries, tomatoes, sweet Vidalia onions, bok choy and mesclun — during Florida's long growing season.

A drum composter is a quick, safe and attractive way to generate compost from organic materials – leaves, grass and garden trimmings, and organic kitchen waste. Material is placed in the drum, rotated daily to aerate contents.

A small solar collector powers the irrigation system that waters the vertical garden.

Strawberries, planted in coconut thatch, save gardening space and require less watering when stacked in vertical planters.

Vigorous and fast growing, bok choy adds an interesting visual element to the vertical garden area.

Sweet, ripe and juicy, vertically grown strawberries offer a daily harvest.

The drum composter features dual chambers; as one batch of organic material matures another batch can be dispensed. The fully enclosed chambers are constructed of rust-resistant galvanized steel.

Old whiskey barrels are repurposed as rain barrels that nourish plantings in the garden and landscape beds. Barrels are outfitted with brass spigots.