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What's Smart From HGTV Smart Home 2023

Amp up the security of your home, make your daily tasks a little easier and even improve the lighting with this must-have tech.

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Photo: Robert Peterson, Rustic White

Dynamic Details

Let your range be more than ventilation. This smart touchscreen and ventilation combo that sits above your range and completely transforms your kitchen: allowing you access over 5,000 recipes, learn new cooking skills, video chat with loved ones and control your smart appliances. It comes with Google Assistant so that you can use your voice to preheat your oven, check your calendar and respond to text messages.

Where to Buy It: GE Profile Kitchen Hub

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Photo: Joseph Bradshaw

Schedule Assistant

Keep up with you and your family’s busy lives with this smart wall display. Not only does it connect easily to online calendars, such as iCloud and Google, but it also provides at-a-glance weather, news and other

Where to Buy It: DAKboard Wall Display v2 Plus

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Photo: Joseph Bradshaw

Extra-Clean Boost

The advanced clothing care system with Wi-Fi connectivity and odor elimination technology includes a sanitize option that uses high-temperature steam to penetrate and sanitize clothes.

Where to Buy It: SAMSUNG AirDresser Grand

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Photo: Robert Peterson, Rustic White

Dependable and Maintenance-Free

No more climbing up and down stairs with trays of food and drinks. Whether hosting a big gathering or a low-key family night, this 100-pound capacity, 20x20-inch residential dumbwaiter includes a maintenance-free three phase motor/gear assembly that runs on standard household operation.

Where to Buy It: Residential Mini Elevator

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