Behind-the-Scenes Pictures From HGTV Dream Home 2014

Go behind the scenes with staffers, designers, photographers and production teams at the HGTV Dream Home 2014 photo shoots and around the Truckee, Calif. area.
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Welcome to Truckee, Calif.! This historic mountain town is just a short drive from HGTV Dream Home 2014.

Trains roll through Truckee, Calif. like they've done since the 1800s.

A beautiful view of Donner Lake along the way to HGTV Dream Home 2014.

Interior designer Linda, her design team and HGTV staffers take a break during the HGTV Magazine shoot.

Photographer Eric and his "angels" finishing up the shoot for HGTV Magazine.

Photographer Eric starts early — just after dawn — to captures the first breathtaking views of the front of the house.

Photographer Eric sets up for early-morning shots of the back of HGTV Dream Home 2014.

Photographer Eric shows he'll do what it takes to get the best photos.

Photographer Eric and his talented assistant Scott capture angles of the front of the house from the garage during the photo shoot.

Sometimes you have to do a little climbing around — even over the kitchen sink — to get the perfect camera shot.

Truckee, Calif. received several inches of its more than 200-inches-per-year snowfall on the eve of the photo shoot.

The weather reports said one to three inches, but more than eight inches were on the ground when the crew awoke the morning of the photo shoot, with more snowfall throughout the day.

No wet or muddy shoes are allowed inside HGTV Dream Home — not even photographer Eric's yellow galoshes. Staffers had "inside shoes" and "outside shoes."

Photographer Eric treks through the snow to get the amazing photos featured in the winter wonderland photo gallery.

Eric takes time to capture the beautiful first snow in Truckee, Calif., out in the woods and on the golf course behind the home.

Bruce, the virtual tour photographer, captures still photographer Eric trekking through the snow in his yellow galoshes — our "Sasquatch in the mist" sighting. staffers Jeannine and Daniel make a path out from the side of the home so as not to disturb the pretty blanket of fresh snow in front.

As staffers Jeannine, Alex and Daniel and photographer Bruce head out for lunch one day, they create their own version of the "Abbey Road" album cover in the snow.

Photographer Bruce shoots the amazing 360-degree magic with a little help from Scott and Daniel to block the glare.

"Since we have multiple photographers in different spaces shooting the panoramas and still photography at the same time, we always peek around the corner before entering so you don't mess up the shot," special projects director Jeannine says.

Even at lunch, photographers Eric and Scott are checking out pictures from the morning's shoot.

It's not all work — staffers (like Alex, shown here) get to have a little fun when the cameras stop.

"And, sadly, this was the last trip with Mary on my crew. Over the last 5 years she had a wonderful way of capturing the beauty of these homes through her words that made you feel like you were there experiencing it yourself. We will miss the good-natured banter, her quick wit and her ability to scope out the best restaurants for us on our long shoots," special projects director Jeannine says.