HGTV Dream Home 2007

Located in Winter Park, Colo., HGTV Dream Home 2007 is a stunning retreat full of charm and rustic style.

The Front View

HGTV Dream Home 2007 is surrounded by lush mountain beauty and located at the base of some of the most popular trails in Winter Park, Colo.

The Beauty of Nature

The beauty of the lush property surrounding HGTV Dream Home didn't intimidate designer Linda Woodrum when it came to decorating the home's covered front porch and back patio. "I kept it very simple outside," she says. "Because there's no way to compete with the kind of beauty nature provides here."

The Perfect Backdrop

The great outdoors that surround this amazing Colorado home form the perfect backdrop for al fresco living.

Elegant Glider Benches

A pair of elegant, yet simple, matching metal glider benches face one another on the front porch. Each glider bench provides an unobstructed view of the pine-rich landscape beyond. Forest green throw pillows add color and interest, and a small end table made from recycled pine can double as another seat if necessary.

The Back Patio

Around back, the patio is convenient to the kitchen, so dashing inside for more refreshments is never a problem. The home also features a hot tub that seats up to four.

Perfect Additions

Linda's challenge was to find attractive outdoor furniture that was comfortable and also indestructible, given Colorado's harsh winter climates. "Great-looking outdoor pieces that are low maintenance was what I was after," Linda explains, "because you want to be able to entertain outdoors at a moment's notice without worrying that the furniture needs to be dismantled and cleaned first."

Aspen Pine Cafe Table

The snow-and wind-friendly cafe table was assembled from Aspen pine with metal detailing. The accompanying stools are made entirely of recycled wood — rough-hewn bark branches topped with sanded and sealed seats made from wedges of felled pines.

The Guest Room Balcony

The guest rooms both open onto a third-floor balcony overlooking the expanse of Colorado woods behind the home.

Custom-Built Dog House

The dog house, located off the corner of the garage, was custom built to match the house. It features a shingled roof and rugged trusses over the door.

Al Fresco Living

No worries here. The great outdoors, panoramic views and lush property that surround this amazing Colorado home form the perfect backdrop for al fresco living, and that is what Winter Park is all about.

Form and Function

Most of us think "function first" when it comes to our kitchens, but for the HGTV Dream Home 2007 kitchen, designer Linda Woodrum brought form and function together in an elegant, casual room that's also well-planned and purposeful. "Let's face it — everyone always ends up in the kitchen at every party, after work and before dinner," she says.

Hidden Refrigerator

The spacious Sub-Zero refrigerator features custom panels so it blends beautifully with the cabinetry. A separate bar refrigerator is tucked under the counter across the room for easy access to cold drinks. The hidden fridge sits under a counter tiled in deep blue, natural quartz Silestone.

Adding Texture

A counter and backsplash that are the same color but made of different materials bring additional texture to the kitchen.

Complementing Colors

Linda thought fleetingly of red counters, "but that seemed too Early American," she says. "I was dealing with a lot of wood, and I'd already made a commitment to big, strong, powerful blue elsewhere in the house. Blue is a little more sophisticated, and it's great with wood. Plus it contrasts beautifully with all of nature's greens and browns just outside the window."

Magic Triangle

The kitchen has what Linda calls "the magic triangle." The refrigerator, sink and cooktop are all arranged near one another for convenient meal preparation. Easy access to nearby balsa walnut cabinetry warms up the room and provides storage space close to the appliances. "I love that the kitchen is all open," she says.

Laid-Back Elegance

Visitors will be impressed, particularly with the cozy, casual elegance of the dining room. Even without its sweeping view of the wooded area outside, this is a magnificent room for entertaining guests, unwinding after work or having a family meal.

Comfortable Chairs

The dining room is filled with understated, elegant details that suggest an uptown approach to a casual setting. Dark wood flooring and latte-colored walls are offset with tony mahogany and silver details. Designer Linda Woodrum has surrounded the long plank table with casual ladder-back chairs and upholstered club chairs at either end. "I always make the host and hostess chairs different from the others," she explains. "Eight chairs that are all the same can get tedious."

Silver Accents

"I love silver anywhere, but it usually shows up as a more formal detail," Linda says. "I wanted to stay casual, so when I did silver candelabras for the dining room, I found ones that were made from old tree branches."

Wooded View

The dark wood of the table complements the worn ebony stain on the china cupboard and contrasts the off-white curtain panels. "Draperies aren't considered 'in' right now, but they're a great way to frame a window," she says. "I kept the color neutral to quiet the blue without drawing your eye away from what's outside. It's a nice way to blend what's out there with what's inside."

Multi-Purpose Space

This media room is what designer Linda Woodrum calls "the heart of the house," in part because it's where she expects the home's owners to spend much of their time. The large, multi-purpose room is built for the comfort of a busy family, and is perfect for casual entertaining. The room seats up to 10 people and features a TV tucked into the wall. This party-friendly space even has its own kitchen to make serving guests easier.

Bright Hues

The deep-cushioned, pale jade of the sofa provides the room's brightest color. It folds out to sleep two comfortably, and the bedclothes can be stashed in the nearby wicker chest.

Hidden Entertainment

The stacked-stone fireplace features a mantel made from a worn-wood beam and a cubby that houses the room's 72-inch widescreen TV. While the TV is the focal point of the room, Linda tucks it away so it doesn't dominate the room's stylish furniture and design elements.

Ample Storage

Because a busy rec room can get cluttered, Linda planned for a lot of extra storage. The club chairs have a slope-sided wicker basket for a side table, perfect for storing board games and extra pillows.

Animal-Inspired Artwork

The room is filled with fun and funky wildlife art. A trio of wood-carved antelope heads bursts through the fireplace mantel in a homage to hunting lodges. Frogs, oxen and other animals are depicted in ink prints in hues of black and brown. A pine-trimmed picture ledge runs the length of the kitchen area and displays etchings and other artwork.

Natural Colors and Textures

The fully-equipped kitchenette next to the stairs has its own dishwasher, under-counter refrigerator and plenty of cabinets for dishware and snacks. "If you have a home with both a living room and a family room, I think it's important to make them very different from one another," Linda says.

Natural Inspirations

Colorado's colors and textures take over the house, thanks to designer Linda Woodrum's commitment to bringing the outdoors in.

Award-Winning Front Door

The massive double front door is literally an award-winning design. University of Kentucky architecture student Brandi Berryman won a scholarship for her design in JELD-WEN's first Student Door Design Contest. She said her inspiration was the idea of luck and the visual of crossed fingers.

Rustic Foyer

"I want visitors to have that 'Ah!' moment when they walk in the front door and that wonderful sense that they're in a mountain house," Linda says. "But I did everything I could to stay away from ski-lodge cliches." The home's wide spaces, rustic exposed beams and trusses were her inspiration.

Contrasting Elements

Linda believes design is all about contrasting surfaces, and she has achieved high contrast in the living room of the house with the earthy matte tones of the upholstery and wood. Details include comfortable overstuffed wing chairs, a blue sofa and plaid throw pillows. A dainty French chest of drawers near the window showcases curvy lines hewn from knotty, bleached pine — another combination of the grace and rusticity found throughout the house.

Stacked-Stone Fireplace

The contrast of textures and colors continues in the mocha-tinted carpeting atop the dark, knotty hardwood floors, the brunette wicker of the coffee table and the sleek, tufted ottoman.

Wooden Beams

Despite the gorgeous fireplace, the most interesting element in the room is the rough-hewn wood beams that cross a neutral ceiling.

Shiny Details

A wooden tray of silver candles on the coffee table is one of Linda's favorite details in the room. "I love a little shot of shine," she says. "You can get it with sterling silver, mercury glass or mirrors."

Rustic Accents

Where ski lodges often feature taxidermy as a decorative accent, this living room brings wildlife indoors in a more humane way with faux deer antler candleholders and a pair of bird nests in glass boxes. "You can bring a rustic feel to a room, but you want to make sure that a rustic room still invites people in," Linda says.

Stunning Art

Interior designer Linda Woodrum isn't daunted by small spaces. In order to make this lower-level study feel less cramped, she kept the walls clutter-free by hanging only one piece of art — a large red and black acrylic painting of a Native American warrior. This stunning piece is the room's most prominent feature. "Don't be afraid to swing out with big details in a small room," Linda says.

Masculine Desk

The home study has a masculine feel. To add big details, Linda placed a sturdy oak desk and a tall, tufted leather desk chair in this small space.

Stacked Leather Storage

A matching leather club chair and ottoman share a side table comprised of a pair of stacked leatherette storage cubes, which help maximize storage in the room.

Bookshelf Storage

Oak bookshelves are filled with similar leatherette cubes to accommodate file folders and disk storage, keeping clutter to a minimum. The oak and warm leather complements the wood trim on the door and window frames and the dark wood flooring, which is covered with a cotton-trimmed wool area rug.

Comfy Cabin Feel

Recessed lighting in the ceiling gives the walls a warm, silvery glow. Linda has matched the pewter walls with grey flannel pinch-pleat curtains. "I like to limit my color palette in a small room," she says. "It's a great place to practice the old 'less-is-more' principle. And in an office, less means less to keep tidy while you're working."

Plaid Canopy Beds

The twin open-canopy beds in the guest bedroom suite are dressed in a fringed version of the soft brown cotton-plaid used in the draperies covering the wall behind the beds.

Wrap-Around Curtain Panels

The curtain panels wrap around to frame smaller windows on the adjoining walls. This "wall of flannel" provides the perfect backdrop for the two smooth pine bed frames. Designer Linda Woodrum has kept the bed canopies open to give the room a wider, less-cluttered feel. Iron lamps with creamy canvas shades stand beside each of the beds, which share a low, walnut bureau as their nightstand.

Soothing Sage

The sage green walls offer a soothing contrast to the chocolate tones of the curtains and the textured cotton area rug trimmed in creamy white fringe. Near the foot of the bed, a comfy armchair upholstered in the same plaid as the curtains and bedspreads rests alongside a tiered walnut bookcase.

Tiled Powder Room

The guest bath is a powder room with a shower tiled in taupe, tumbled marble. The window is dressed with fawn-colored, cotton pinch-pleat draperies trimmed in the plaid from the bedroom, and a doorway opens onto a private deck.

Balcony With a View

The third-floor guest rooms share a balcony overlooking the mountain forest behind the house. The great outdoors that surround this amazing Colorado home form the perfect backdrop for al fresco living.

Adults Only

The pair of guest bedrooms on the upper level of HGTV Dream Home 2007 shares the same floor plan, but couldn't be more different from one another in decor. The four-poster walnut bed is dressed in cream and off-white, with a black-checked cotton throw and matching throw pillows that offset the bright painting across the room.

Soft Stripes

The white and beige stripes of the upholstered chair and ottoman form the palette for what designer Linda Woodrum calls "the girly bedroom," although there's not an inch of lace or a single floral pattern in sight. "I didn't want anything frilly," she says. "I wanted the room to be more feminine than the others, but also a place where a man wouldn't feel out of place."

Finishing Touches

"I love a Windsor chair," Linda says. "I love how modern it looks, and how it goes great with antiques like the embroidered pieces and with this dark bureau." Above the bureau, which is topped with matching reading lamps, hangs a beautiful, heavy wood-framed mirror finished to look like aged leather.

Window Treatment

The bed is positioned to give the best possible view of Winter Park's great outdoors surrounded by floor-to-ceiling draperies. "I always tell people not to be afraid to do a traditional treatment around a window that's not a traditional shape," she says. "And I really like it when curtains go all the way to the ceiling."

Pine Reflection

This guest bath features a mirror framed in pine boards, silver and pewter fixtures and a soothing cream color on the walls. A doorway opens onto the back deck and the woods beyond.

White Tile

The shower in the second guest bath showcases silver fixtures and is lined with cream tiles.

Bunkhouse Motif

The downstairs bedroom in HGTV Dream Home 2007 is known as "the bunk room," so designer Linda Woodrum chose a junior-size bunkhouse motif for this cozy kids' room. It's the only room in the house with a white ceiling, because Linda wanted to set off the fun faux-wood wallpaper that's the backdrop for all the whimsical, kid-friendly details of this snug nook.

Natural Look

The room sleeps four in a pair of one-of-a-kind bunk beds made from tree branches. Each bed has its own freshly whittled ladder, and one of the bedposts has extra branches for hanging coonskin caps or Little League baseball hats.

Matching Bedspreads

Both beds are dressed with cream-colored bedspreads and black and tan pillow shams that harmonize with the faux knotty pine walls. Solid throw pillows in black, tan and green complete the beds that will likely be transformed into makeshift forts by a young broncobuster or two.

Kid-Sized Space

Everything in the room is kid-sized, from the pair of skis leaning jauntily in the corner to the plaid-covered club chair where wee ranch hands can pause to pull on their cowboy boots. Just above the chair hangs a pair of comical stuffed animal heads — one a bison, the other a Bullwinkle-esque moose.

Functional Furniture

The rest of the furniture is fun and functional, too. To maximize play space, the bureau doubles as a nightstand between the bunk beds, and a wooden CD cabinet makes a sturdy side table. The floor is covered in easy-to-clean, low-pile carpeting. Although this room is made for the younger set, the bunkhouse calls out to the kid in all of us.

Stylish Storage

Near the foot of the beds, the chocolate brown storage hutch is perfect for stockpiling children's books and displaying treasured toys. Linda has filled it with antique toys, topped it with a tin fire truck and placed framed cowboy prints on either side.

Bunk Bathroom

There's ample storage in the bathroom's cherry wood cabinets. An inset sink and bronze fixtures modernize the bunk-style space.

Shower Space

Beige tiles in the shower add to the bathroom's relaxing feel, along with an oversized shower nozzle.

Cozy Cabin

The bold architecture of HGTV Dream Home 2007 is apparent in its stylish master suite, where the soaring ceiling is planked in pine and stacked with timber trusses that delivers a comfy cabin feel.

Creamy White

The cocoa-colored walls are offset with tone-on-tone furniture and decor that make the room cozy and comfortable. Designer Linda Woodrum adds interest to the white in the room by layering diverse textures of all-natural fabrics in creams and tans trimmed with fringe and tassels. The four-poster bed is draped with bleached cotton tie-top panels that make up its headboard.

Matching Furniture

The milky wood of the bed frame is repeated in the stately armoires, one of them a glass-doored hutch filled with guest towels — the other a more traditional cupboard for storing bedclothes and extra pillows. Rather than traditional end tables, Linda has positioned a white maple bureau on one side of the bed and a matching credenza on the other. Each of these is topped with a tall, white-framed mirror that reflects the dazzling sunlight pouring in the room's massive floor-to-ceiling windows.

Contrasting Textures

The windows are hung with old-fashioned, mocha velvet draperies. Used in this modern setting, the suede-like panels add an extra layer of texture in addition to the wool area rug, polished wood flooring and bedside bark-and-wicker baskets. When the draperies are closed, the only burst of color in the room comes from the brilliant jade and lime green of a large oil painting on the stacked-stone fireplace.

Simple Neutrals

Neutral colors can make a room as elegant and classic as bold colors. The tumbled marble floor is a checkerboard of nature's browns, tans and taupes repeated in the standing shower surround.

Gorgeous Views

Windows in the shower provide views of the outside and allow natural light to shine in, while still maintaining privacy.

Spa-Inspired Tub

A glamorous raised spa tub is paneled in marble and fronted by a wide window that affords yet another view of the woods outside. The window, like the taller ones across the room, is dressed in the same velvet as the bedroom.

Romantic Additions

For the HGTV Dream Home 2007 master bath, designer Linda Woodrum created a symphony of soft silk, cotton and velvet contrasted by rugged iron, wood and wicker. Reporting by Robrt Pela.

Convenient Closet

The master closet, offset from the bathroom, has enough hanging and shelf space for two large wardrobes. Having the walk-in closet off the bathroom is an arrangement Linda loves. "This is the perfect setup if you want to shower and dress without waking someone who's asleep in the next room," she says. Reporting by Robrt Pela.

Glowing Candelabra

Above the tub, a romantic hanging candelabra glows with dozens of candles. More candles, on stone soap dishes made to look like wood, adorn the Silestone countertop. Reporting by Robrt Pela.

More Than a Loft

This comfortable landing doubles as a living space where guests can step outside to commune with nature, curl up on the daybed and take a nap or even spend the night. The daybed is one of the most distinctive pieces in the house. Custom-made for this space, it's constructed entirely of Aspen wood branches smoothed and lightly glazed, but still retains enough of their original rough form to remind you of a soaring tree.

Colorful Harmony

Exposed beams frame the space and harmonize beautifully with the dark walnut flooring and the cotton area rug showcasing hues of blue and taupe.

Friendly Chatting

Designer Linda Woodrum calls the loft landing "a chit-chatting area." It's the perfect spot to converse while enjoying the breathtaking forest view beyond the window.

Opposites Attract

Because there are so many traditional elements in the house, Linda wanted to feature something unexpected, so she hung a large light fixture made from an old wine barrel.

Historical Touch

A row of black leather boxes rest on a dark walnut console. Above the table, details from antique postcards — each of them more than 100 years old — are finished with black wood frames and wide, white matting.

Functional and Practical

During daylight hours, the daybed is dressed in a cozy, custom comforter patterned with blue and white ticking squares, and rolled bolster cushions in a complementary striped pattern. A cushioned ottoman opens to store bedding and doubles as a coffee table and additional seating. The wall behind the daybed is draped with cotton-pleated curtains in palest latte, a shade that covers the adjacent wall of windows, too.

Mountain Views

Beyond the loft's indoor seating area, an outdoor observation deck shared by the guest bedrooms is decked out with a pair of ladder-back chairs and a small table perfect for morning coffee. Tall pines tower just beyond the custom metal railing, which repeats the "double X" design from the stair railing inside the house.

Place for Everyone

The loft is a space that provides not only comfortable seating and extra sleeping space for guests, but also a room as lovely as the spectacular view outside the windows.

Organized Drawers and Cabinets

Multiple drawers and cabinets in the garage keep everything organized and at your fingertips, behind doors and drawers, so you don't have to go searching through boxes. The features allow visibility and accessibility of frequently used items, while other materials can be locked away and kept safe from children.

Adjustable Work Surface

The sturdy and adjustable area behind the work surface allows tools to be displayed and kept readily available. Ample countertop space allows creative minds to begin new projects.

Slotted Panels

The slotted wall panels can be fitted with a wide variety of custom holders to keep skis, snowshoes, snowboards, mountain bikes, balls and other sporting equipment neatly organized, leaving plenty of room for your car. The system can also hold household supplies, from cleaning products for your car to hoses and rakes for yard work.

Combined Work Area and Storage

The California Closets Garage system combines a workshop space with plenty of cabinet storage with wall panels that can store sports equipment neatly, leaving room for your vehicles. "It's the perfect place to store all the equipment that helps you enjoy the lifestyle that Winter Park offers," says HGTV Dream Home 2007 planner Jack Thomasson.