HGTV Dream Home 2003

Located in Mexico Beach, Fla., HGTV Dream Home 2003 is a cozy bayside home surrounded by tropical foliage and perfect for entertaining.

Open Views

The kitchen, which is actually a section of the great room, allows the eyes to travel directly from the picture window to the cooking area with an unbroken view of the water.

Harmonious Home

Designer Linda Woodrum wanted a distinctive kitchen that still worked in harmony with the great room. "There is such a sense of wood — in the walls, ceilings and floors — that I felt there should be little, if any, wood in the kitchen," she says.

Kitchen Sophistication

The kitchen purposefully and gracefully allows the spotlight to shine on the great room. But with an art piece adorning the tile wall, the kitchen further establishes the entire area as a sophisticated, informal, living space.

Multi-Purpose Space

Architect Randy Johnson decided on a greenhouse during the initial stage of development, and the mudroom was a natural extension of that. "The mudroom was meant to end the (horizontal) axis," Johnson says. "You have a garden prep room — which is a mudroom — but you have a functioning reason to have this room. It's more than a mudroom. It's a prep area. Then you have the greenhouse."

Dramatic Rafters

This great room's functionality makes a strong impression, saying simple themes dominate — a symbiotic relationship with the outdoors, symmetrical lines and balance. Designer Linda Woodrum emphasizes that beyond the gorgeous simplicity are many "visual vignettes that are almost like being underwater. "It's like a painting — your eyes want to keep traveling ... they don't want to stop," she says.

Additional Storage

Dressers don't just belong in the bedroom — they are a great way to add extra storage to any room. The dining area is framed by twin dressers. The breathtaking views of the bay are visible from here, as well as the lush growth that greets visitors at the front of the house.

Candlelit Dining

The dining table is adorned with imported French candlesticks that are reportedly 200 years old and add a light, whimsical feel to the room.

Natural Touch

Randy, like Linda, embraces the sense of both security and drama that the room exudes. "I can imagine the house at night, before a thunderstorm... going through the actions of closing the room up, then sitting down in front of the windows and watching the lightning play out across the bay," he says.

Versatile Environment

Part of what makes HGTV Dream Home 2003 so special is the versatility, and this is architect Randy Johnson's favorite characteristic. "It's a really unpretentious house," Randy says. "It's a Dream House in the way it lives. It's not gold faucets that make a Dream House. It's deeper. It's not a financial dream, it's a spiritual dream."

Luxurious Private Bath

By aligning this room, along with its own bath, it creates its own space — which means more private access and more windows to enjoy the view of the expansive marsh just outside.

Separate Space

Although HGTV Dream Home 2003 was constructed with the outdoors and social activities both firmly in mind, it was also designed as a home that could be sectioned off to gain privacy. "The kids' room is placed purposely over the garage so the kids can go have a great time and noise isn't a factor," architect Randy Johnson says.

Kid-Friendly Functionality

The kids' room is the only second story room in the main house, and by gaining this elevation, a sense of discovery is added. Having their own space is incredibly important to children — and adults, too. Even better, if serious study needs to be done, an adult can retreat to the scenic solitude of the office and allow the kids to enjoy a romp through the great room, kitchen and spa.

Perfect Amenities

Designer Linda Woodrum loves not only the privacy factor, but the whimsical design, as well. Windows on all four sides serve to enhance a "treehouse" feel, while alcove beds, a full bathroom, tons of closet space and separate sitting and studying areas make this room the complete retreat for kids.

Unique Theme

Designer Linda Woodrum decided on a handsome British Colonial theme to complement the master bedroom. The wood furnishings are darker, which make a strong statement against white walls. The blue hues from the great room carry over with more subtle blues in the bed linens and Asian vases that flank the fireplace. The result of this planning is a stunning, restful retreat that offers magnificent views, a cozy fireplace and a sitting area where one can recline and escape.

Ultra Relaxation

With the louvered shutters open to the master bathroom, the bedroom essentially becomes one large relaxing space. A private porch punctuates a room that, through its versatility, is a world of its own.

Elegant Retreat

The bathroom features a natural, pleasing design that builds anticipation by allowing one to enter the master bathroom by accessing the spacious bedroom.

Double Amenities

The stunning shower, with glass on three sides, is flanked by his-and-her sinks and prep areas, making this shared bath more enjoyable for both.

Romantic Solitude

The shutters above the tub are a neat feature allowing the bedroom and bathroom to blend together. One can literally stand in the shower and see the marsh through the bedroom windows. An all-white bathroom was an easy choice for designer Linda Woodrum, who saw the space as one of innovative solitude.