Show-Stopping Designs From 'Windy City Rehab'

Steal some tips for jaw-dropping designs and displays from Alison Victoria's renovations as seen on season two of her hit show.

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

Photo By: Peter Wynn Thompson / Getty Images

An Eye for Style

Monochrome color palette? Brass accents? Incredible antiques? You know we're talking about Alison Victoria's signature style. Click through for design ideas that will up the glam factor in any home.

Well-Framed + Well-Rested

A symmetrical approach to bedroom furniture placement never fails.

Modern + Spa-Like

A walk-in shower plus a basin tub means that this main bathroom has the best of both worlds. The chic marble is set off perfectly by the herringbone floors.

All-Black Fixtures

Matte black fixtures in the bathroom add an understated elegance.

Dreamy Escape

No need to sacrifice comfort for style: This basin tub has it all. The ledge in the wall of the shower is perfect for bathing necessities, but it's also the perfect place for candles during a relaxing soak.

Double Trouble

Life's too short to share a bathroom without a double vanity. The black-framed mirrors create a wonderful contrast against the lighter walls. Bonus: They match the all-black fixtures.

A New Perspective

We've all seen a large painting over the headboard. Alison Victoria places this stunner at the foot of the bed, instead. Not only is it great wall decor, but now it's actually visible for the owners.

Al Fresco in Comfort

This lavish backyard is the stuff dreams are made of. While there's a formal dining option, there is also plenty of comfortable furniture where guests can plop down. In true Alison fashion, not an ounce of style is sacrificed. The gathering space is perfectly set off by the beautifully rustic round table.

Stand-Out Accent Piece

While the office area in the basement of this Chicago home is stunning in its own right, the golden mushroom lamp steals the show. Sometimes, all you need is one statement piece to take a room to the next level. It's also in one of Alison's signature finishes.

Chic + Cozy Can Coexist

This basement recreation area is furnished to perfection. The warm neutrals make it an inviting space for anyone to hang in, but it's still put together enough to show off.

When All Else Fails ...

Go monochrome! This home's architectural beauty is highlighted by the black and white color scheme and beautifully bold window frames.

Textures Galore

The wooden paneling of the open kitchen is accented by the soft textures of the couch, rug and textiles on the chairs. The contrast of sharp and smooth lines with soft colors and fabrics means that this room maintains balance.

Stunning Sectional

Taking your lounging seriously doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice function for form. This chic sectional does it all.

Sculptural Lighting

There is no better way to enhance your dining space than a stand-out light fixture featured front and center. This selection by Alison marries a midcentury modern approach with the fixtures that are featured throughout the home.

Table With a View

The clear dining table in this space allows for full enjoyment of the floor-to-ceiling windows since it doesn't interrupt the sightline. It also brings even more light into the room with the reflective surface.

Wood Paneling That's Actually Chic

Get Don Draper on the phone: We know he would want to have a drink in this midcentury paradise of a kitchen. The lighter finish on the wood and dark marble island keep this stunning kitchen from looking dated.

Hidden in Plain Sight

The island is a beautiful piece that goes double-time with its seriously impressive storage system that can only be seen from the kitchen. It enables the rest of the lines to stay sharp and clean.

Tip Not Included

What midcentury design is complete without the perfect bar set-up? The warm lighting accents the wood features.

The Best Kind of Curveball

The silhouette of the chairs complements the built-in shelves for a cohesive look in the sitting room.


The contrast of the more modern lines with this antique piece makes for quite the conversation piece. As always with one of Alison's designs, the storage funcionality is still practical while looking fabulous.

Make Carpet Look Cool

This plush carpeting with the subtle neutral tones of the bedroom would have even the most ardent hardwood floor fans swooning.

Highlight Unique Architecture

The curvilinear staircase is a focal point for the entire apartment, so Alison used similar shapes throughout the design plan.

No Stone Left Unturned (or Undecorated)

The entryway to the closet of the main bedroom is treated with care as if it were the main entryway to the apartment. The result? A stunning vignette that will *maybe* motivate the homeowners to keep the closet as clean as possible.

Light + Bright

Who wouldn't want to take a selfie in this bathroom? The lighting is enhanced two-fold by the bright marble and overall light color palette. This main bathroom is definitely front-facing camera friendly.

Keep It Grounded

Although it may be easy to create an overwhelming space with so many features, the dark neutrals in this design keep the space from being too much for the eye.

Monochrome in the Bedroom

A sleek and straightforward color palette for the bedroom helps the mind rest easy at the end of a long day.

Affordable Accent Wall

The accent wall here is a signature Alison move. She takes simple cuts of wood from the hardware store and creates a grid, painting over the whole thing for a stunning and affordable backdrop.

Bold and All-Black

Goths, rejoice! All-black exteriors are a serious design move with beautiful payoff.

Take a Seat

Don't ignore the potential for extra lounge space in the bedroom. In fact, make it a highlight and you'll have the perfect place to wind down before catching some zzz's.

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