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Sound Matters: A Gift Guide for Music Lovers, Audiophiles and Vinyl Junkies

Here's a collection of enticing items for the serious music aficionado in your life — or for adding to your own personal wish list.

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Get in the Groove

So maybe you came of age after 1982 – the year in which the world met digital music via the compact disc. Your portable device is likely spilling over with mp3's, but now you're ready to dip a toe into the ultra-cool world of vinyl. A wide – and many would argue sonically superior – world awaits you. Where to begin? For the vinyl neophyte on a modest budget, you might start with a Crosley record player. They come in the irresistibly vintage look of the portable all-in-one players of the 1950s and 60s, and they play 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm records. Modern features include RCA audio outs for connecting to stereo systems, USB and (if you must) Bluetooth wireless. Available in a range of retro styles, including the Executive, the Memory Master, and the Dansette Bermuda$109.95 - $399.95; Crosley

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Cocktails + LP's

These record-label drink coasters, created by Pennsylvania artist Jeff Davis, are made from the centers of actual vinyl albums. They have a protective seal to protect the original record labels. They come in sets of six and each set contains a unique assortment of labels. $18; UncommonGoods

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Rock's Bold Visions

The Art of Rock by Paul Grushkin, an exhaustive, encyclopedic history of concert posters and other related art, is a visual feast — vibrant, color-drenched and covering the musical eras "from Presley to punk." It includes more than 1500 illustrations and features commentary from artists, musicians and other rock notables. It encompasses graphics associated with many of rock's icons as well as original art in a variety of distinct styles from early-rock letterpress bills to San Francisco's psychedelic scene to the minimalist aesthetic of New York punk and new wave. Featured artists include Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelly and Rick Griffin. $41.53; Barnes & Noble

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When Collecting Becomes Religion (or Addiction)

Eilon Paz's coffee-table sized book Dust and Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting, is an exhaustive study, and a celebration, of the world of vinyl obsession. Lavishly illustrated with photo essays set in the 'record rooms' of some 130 hyper-avid collectors, it's a fascinating and insightful journey into the mind and motivations some of music's most ardent enthusiasts. Available in various editions ranging from $49 to $120; Dust & Grooves

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