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15 Vintage Holiday Gift Ideas

Skip the mall this year, and give creative gifts with a little history and time-worn charm. Fill vintage containers with thoughtful suprises for useful gifts where the wrap is part of the present.

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Sugar Jars

What's more fitting than to fill a vintage sugar jar with sweets? Fill a small jar with classic holiday candy for a simple gift. You can find a great deal on jars with missing lids, ones that are orphaned from a set or those with small chips or cracks.

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Wooden Crates

Be on the lookout for vintage wooden crates with original paint or unique typography when flea market season is in full swing. Fill crates with shredded paper and seasonal fruit, such as citrus and pomegranate. The crate can become functional storage afterward.

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Canning Jars

Vintage canning jars can be picked up at flea markets or antique stores for just a few dollars, and they make great containers for small, simple gifts. Fill a jar halfway with Epsom salt to represent snow, and drop a pretty ornament inside.

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Bread Board

Vintage wooden bread boards have become more popular over the past few years, but can still be found for a bargain. Pair a wooden board with some homemade bread or an artisan loaf from a bakery. Wrap the loaf in brown paper and tie it with some butcher twine, greenery and a tag.

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