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Jamie Durie brings international style and flavor to these backyards.
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Jamie Durie

This award-winning landscape designer is passionate about outdoor spaces and environmental preservation.
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With a client roster that includes A-list celebrities and five-star hotels, Jamie Durie is one of the most well-renowned and sought-after landscape artists in the world. Unable to bring his own Australian design team along, Jamie has put together a new team of top-notch designers, horticulturists and contractors. They're thrilled to be working with a world-class visionary, but can they keep their jobs? Jamie's demand for perfection can be intense, and he puts his new team through the ringer. The challenges come fast and furious, like creating an ultra-hip Thai meditation room replete with koi pond, and then doing it on a 45-degree angle on the side of a hill for a boss who won't take "no" for an answer.

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