Party-Ready Outdoor Spaces by Jamie Durie

Relaxing with friends and family is a breeze in outdoor rooms that are perfect for entertaining.

Folding glass doors, hardwood deck flooring and a 1950s-style stone fireplace (on the right, behind the door), provide a seamless transition from living room to patio in this beautiful outdoor makeover. The floating over the patio is suspended between two large trees, following engineering principles Jamie discovered in tree-house construction in Seattle. — Image courtesy of

Art-deco style from Miami's South Beach comes to this backyard. A water feature and tropical plants surround the bright dining room, giving the setting a party-like beach atmosphere. — Image courtesy of

The tenants of an apartment complex get a fun-filled courtyard to hang out in, thanks to this makeover inspired by a trip to New York. A movable outdoor movie screen, hidden seating (recliners pop up out of the floor and the benches), a sunken bar area and a wall of plants, makes maximum use out of a small space. — Image courtesy of

A formerly exposed bare backyard is now a cocoon of privacy with plenty of space for entertaining in this San-Antonio-inspired makeover. Ample seating surrounds a combination fire-and-water feature. On the right, a large stone archway, planted with jasmine and gardenia, marks the entrance to another part of the backyard and also adds screening. — Image courtesy of

This formerly bare backyard, with no privacy, is now entertainment central, thanks to Jamie Durie. Using design ideas inspired by a visit to the Hamptons, Durie created a a gorgeous hardscape that leads to a contemporary outdoor dining room.

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