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Interior designer Sarah Richardson shares basic design tips and tricks to solve any design problem and help transform any room in your house.
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November 25, 2014

Timeless Nursery

Sarah filled this sophisticated nursery with hues of blue and jolts of orange. The only baby furniture in the space is the crib and changing table, allowing the rest of the furniture to grow with baby. The painted striped wall reinforces the color scheme and anchors the framed white wall art. Sarah dressed up the bold, custom drapes with ball fringe, which acts as a linking element between the striped wall and patterned ceiling.

Maximizing Storage

Sarah kept the foundation of this kitchen untouched, but included triple the storage space for a cool and efficient look. The space may be small, but a peninsula gives extra storage and counter space. The pops of green and silver bring life and personality to the space, while the porcelain floor tile resembles concrete for an industrial yet comfortable look. Adding a few pot lights coupled with vintage pendants is a budget-friendly way to update the lighting.

Industrial Coziness

The assortment of fabrics in this industrial bedroom brings warmth and personality to the space. Sarah combined industrial and fine elements equally so nothing looks out of place. The dragon fabric on the headboard and footboard set the tone for the room, and Sarah sprinkled patterns with the same color scheme throughout the space for a look that flows smoothly. Family heirlooms add a cozy touch to the space.

A Soothing Spot

Sarah created an oasis of calm in this elegant bathroom with delicate apricot details, vintage furniture and a freestanding tub. The metal-frame shower enclosure gives the space a retro vibe, while the vanity area frees up the main space in the bathroom and offers a seating option. The decorative plumbing fixtures act as the jewelry and finishing touch to the space.

Bright and Refreshing

For an easy, inexpensive way to update an old crib, Sarah spray-painted it a vivid pink to bring brightness to the nursery. Sarah chose standard furniture for the space so it can be used for years to come. The light fixture casts a light on the ceiling for a whimsical touch, and the beautiful drapes add a textural element.

Small Yet Efficient

For a small living space, choose condo-sized furniture — it's smaller in scale but just as functional as conventional furniture. Sarah suggests adding pieces that double as storage and seating to get the most efficiency from the space. To soften the look, choose subdued fabrics and a variety of lighting options.

Elegant Details

The elegant wallpaper sets a fancy tone in this dining room. The wall-panel details on the lower half of the wall anchor the room while the top half makes a strong, dramatic statement. Sarah dispersed motif details throughout the space, including in the wallpaper, wall panel and crown molding. The restraint in the lighting balances out the opulence in the room.

Chic Yet Subdued

Hotel chic is the look Sarah was going for in this neutral master bedroom. The multitude of glossy and flat textures punctuates the soft, neutral tones of the space. The lamps accentuate the chandelier's brass frame, while the sleek shapes contrast the chandelier's romantic sparkle. The artwork throughout the space emits an ultimately relaxed feel.

Stunning Hodgepodge

Sarah designed this room with no cohesive design in mind, but the combination of furnishings flows from the living to dining room. Sarah chose chairs as seating options for easy mobility, and upholstered the vintage furniture with geometric-shaped fabric for a perfect marriage. The light box makes a great focal point in a room with no fireplace, while the round furniture helps soften the space. The banquette, round table and few accent chairs create drama in the dining room.

Vibrant Living and Dining Areas

Sarah chose bold and fresh floral patterns, bright colors and properly scaled furniture to occupy this vibrant living and dining area. The band of green stripes on the outside of the drapes makes the window appear larger, and the pink sofa makes a strong color statement yet has a classic style. Sarah dispersed the gold accents in the dining room chandelier throughout the rest of the space to connect the two areas, and the versatile daybed separates the two spaces while keeping an open, fluid look.

Boho Chic Girls' Room

The color and pattern schemes in this chic girls' bedroom grab the essence and energy of what it is to be a kid. Sarah placed the beds end-to-end to create more space and play time for the girls. She made the animated wall art by cutting out patterned wallpaper in an alligator shape and applying it with wallpaper paste. The curves in the side tables and soothing Roman shades bring softness to the space.

Revitalized Cooking Space

The walls act as a backdrop against the refreshing color on the flooring and cabinetry in this light and airy kitchen. Sarah added a desk at countertop height so the stools could serve a dual purpose, and the blue island color and pot lights rejuvenate the space.

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