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Sarah Richardson Turns a Farmhouse Into a Retreat

By: Audrey Davidow

On her show, Sarah Richardson, host of Sarah 101, totally transformed an old farmhouse into a cozy retreat for her family. We dropped by to see what life is really like at her weekend place.

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Photo: Björn Wallander. From: HGTV Magazine.

Picturesque Retreat

Sarah's farmhouse sits on 50 acres of land 80 miles outside Toronto.
Photo: Björn Wallander

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Keep Your Room Cozy

What's this above the fireplace? A plaster crest that once belonged to the Bank of Nova Scotia. Sarah gave it to her husband as a birthday present.
Sarah says: Set your house temp at 65 degrees F and enjoy a fire more. Sarah swaps her pillows every season for an instant sofa facelift!
Photo: Björn Wallander

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Breakfast Room

"I love my morning coffee spot. I sit here after the kids are settled and all is humming along. I found these adorable wicker chairs at a consignment shop. They're comfy and loungy, inexpensive and durable. It's great that the cushions come off. I just throw the covers in the wash whenever they get dirty." In the winter the girls zoom around on an "indoor only" purple trike.
Photo: Björn Wallander

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Add a Pop of Color

"Any part of a house can be fun. Why not add color and pattern where you can? On our back stairs, I painted an orange and yellow 'runner' and added old house numbers that I found at flea markets and hardware stores. The girls love to count out loud as they go up and down the steps."
"Nothing is off-limits to the kids. Not even our vintage china. We use it all the time. I think it's nice to learn at a young age to appreciate pretty things. And if it breaks, it breaks. Otherwise, what's the point of having it?"
Photo: Björn Wallander

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