Turn an Unused Dining Room Into a Glam Home Office

Space is at a premium, so why waste it on a barely-used dining room? Follow our tips for turning your sad dining space into a useful home office with a glamorous vibe. 

Dining Room No More

These days, having a room completely dedicated to entertaining is rarely practical. Space is tight, and customization is king. See how this former dining room became a stylish and practical home office, and find out how easy it is to convert your own dining space.

From Table to Desk

To copy the look, the most beneficial step is to swap out your barely-used dining table for a work-friendly desk. If you're planning to work from home often, a comfy desk chair is a must.

Easy Organization

A midcentury modern credenza adds style plus much-needed storage. Oversized plants are a great way to bring life into any space.

Cluttered Office, Cluttered Mind

Throughout the room, decor is minimal to keep clutter at bay. Every knickknack or piece of art should serve a purpose (even if that is just to make you happy). You want your workspace to feel organized and stress free.

No Nails Here

Instead of hanging artwork on the wall, favorite pieces are layered and leaned against the wall. Not only does this offer a unique twist on the expected route, but it is also a great solution for renters as it avoids causing any damage to the walls.

Wall of Storage

Another renter-friendly alternative is the free-standing peg board that offers great storage without having to be screwed into the wall. Learn how to make your own here.

A Place for Everything

A custom mix of shelves and pegs creates the perfect storage for your needs. And if your needs change, just change the pegboard with them!

Concealed Storage

A small white dresser serves perfectly as a way to store paperwork, office supplies and more. And don't throw those dining chairs out right away! You may want to salvage one or two for extra seating in your new glam office.

Go Away, Goo

To add a bit of interest to the room, a mix of bold, graphic prints are taped up with fun washi tape. That way, when it's time to take them down, you don't have to worry about any sticky residue.

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