Rockin' Renos from HGTV's Property Brothers

HGTV's Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott buy seemingly hopeless houses and transform them into customized dream homes. Check out the impressive before-and-afters of their latest renovations here.
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August 26, 2015
By: Jennifer Brake
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Boring Breakfast Area

BEFORE: This room was bathed in natural sunlight, but the green trim dated the space and the tiny furniture wasn't up to scale for the tall ceiling and large windows.

Beautiful Breakfast Area

AFTER: The updated breakfast area has a contemporary look with white trim and a modern light fixture. A larger table fills the space appropriately and provides plenty of seating. The porch connected to the breakfast area was renovated to create a new sunroom.

Sunny Sitting Room

AFTER: The newly screened-in porch sits just off the breakfast area. Exposed rafter beams, functional furniture and a relaxing color scheme of burnt orange and creme make this a great space to curl up with a good book or serve coffee to friends.

Charming Touch

AFTER: The room is lit with an industrial chic chandelier so it can be enjoyed at night as well as during the day.

Accessorize To Last

AFTER: Sturdy accents, like the indoor-outdoor rug, serve the dual purpose of being stylish and durable. These accessories can hold up in various weather conditions as well as withstand high foot traffic.

Dated Design

BEFORE: This kitchen was unsightly and dysfuntional with old-fashioned fixtures, appliances and a segmented floor plan.

Refreshed Floor Plan

AFTER: The Brothers removed the old cabinets and pantry to create an open gourmet kitchen with modern stainless steel appliances and plenty of storage space. A built-in wine rack and wine cooler are other bonus features in the new kitchen.

Window Seat

AFTER: A built-in bench next to the wine cooler lets guests enjoy a glass of wine and mingle in the kitchen while meals are being prepared. With storage cabinets underneath, no space is wasted with this unique addition.

An Added Layer

AFTER: The new floor plan is so wide, a fun geometric area rug is used to center the space. The rug's neutral color keeps the intricate pattern from being too overwhelming.

Wire-Guard Lighting

AFTER: An open wire-guard ceiling light adds an industrial element to the kitchen as it hangs over the sink.

Minor Fixes Needed

BEFORE: This family room was a good size and the original wood trim was still intact, but the blue tiles on the fireplace and pea-soup walls were an eyesore.

Cozy Den

AFTER: The fireplace was made over with white subway tiles that look crisp against the new blue-grey walls. The Brothers were able to keep costs down by having the homeowner build unique furniture pieces like the coffee table.

Trendy Technique

AFTER: New and antique elements mix in the renovated living room for a rustic but elegant style. Patterned accent chairs in a neutral color add personality to the room without going overboard.

Bare-Bones Bedroom

BEFORE: The nice thing about starting from scratch is no demo and the room is completely customizable. This unfinished basement was just waiting for the Brothers to turn it into something great.

Guest Suite

AFTER: Newly hung drywall, a dark hardwood floor and a king-size bed transformed the empty space into a quaint guest bedroom.

Antique Surprises

BEFORE: While the hardwood floors in this dining room were in nearly perfect condition, some minor changes needed to be made, like getting rid of the dingy green walls, dated light fixture and clunky table that came with the home.

Swanky Set-Up

AFTER: The room looks infinitely larger with a neutral off-white paint color. An over-sized fabric chandelier centers the room as it hangs over a large table with studded fabric chairs.

Grimey Garage

BEFORE: The ceiling of this 70-year-old carport was rotten with water damage and even had some critters living in it.

Modern Workshop

AFTER: The ceiling was insulated and covered with beadboard to control the temperature in the garage and hopefully keep animals out.

A Place For Everything

AFTER: The existing cinder blocks were painted to give the workshop a quick and cheap facelift, and a wall of cabinets provides plenty of storage for tools and materials.

Tools On Display

AFTER: Mounted peg boards are a cost-efficient way to keep tools organized and out of the way while also within arm's reach.

Toxic Environment

BEFORE: The cabinets and countertops in this kitchen were lined with animal droppings and showed signs of lead paint use.

Pristine Conditions

AFTER: The room was completely gutted and restored with new cabinets and countertops. The right wall was replaced with a breakfast bar to open up the space, and the floors were refinished to look new again.

Work Space

AFTER: A deep farmhouse sink with a simple modern faucet makes washing dishes a breeze, and the black countertops pop against the white subway tile backsplash.

Plain Powder Room

BEFORE: Even powder rooms need a little color, and this one was white from top to bottom. The tile grout, though, was stained brown and needed to be replaced.

Cool Color

AFTER: Modern porcelain floor tiles and metallic fixtures brought this powder room up to date. The old vanity was replaced with a dark two-door cabinet for functional storage that looks sleek against the blue walls.

Mirrors, Mirrors On The Walls

BEFORE: Judging by the mirrors covering the walls, this room may have been used as a dance studio at some point, but the homeowners envisioned it as their future home theater.

Comfy Movie Room

AFTER: The new movie room is equipped with a 60-inch TV and a modular sectional sofa that can be broken up into pieces for scattered seating or put together as one big cozy couch.

Striking Lighting

AFTER: An edgy sun-like fixture adds interest to the high ceilings and continues the color scheme of blues, greys and metallics.

Awkward Space

BEFORE: The homeowners wanted a "couple's cave" big enough for entertaining friends and family, but this space hardly had room for a couch.

Luxury Lounge

AFTER: The "couple's cave" is the ultimate hang-out after the separating wall was removed and dark laminate flooring replaced old stained carpet. A modern light fixture connects the two spaces and looks posh over a custom pool table.

Bar Seating

AFTER: Textured geometrical wallpaper is a sleek backdrop for a five-seater bar that leads into a kitchenette area.

Disorganized Mess

BEFORE: A leaky roof needed to be patched and the wood shelves would have to come down, but this corner the potential to become a cool kitchenette.

Efficient Kitchenette

AFTER: The mini-kitchen is complete with a stainless steel fridge, a wine cooler, granite counter tops and floor-to-ceiling storage.

Blank Slate

BEFORE: It was hard for the homeowners to imagine how this raw space could be transformed into a living room, but the Brothers assured them that starting from scratch meant the room was completely customizable.

Tailor-Made Seating

AFTER: The couch is slightly inset into the back wall, allowing for more foot space and walking room around the coffee table.

Hidden Storage

AFTER: On the opposite wall, white-washed sliding barn doors are subtle rustic elements that hide an additional storage area.

Overwhelming Orange

BEFORE: The bold orange wallpaper that engulfed this dining room was just too much for the eye to handle. Luckily, the wallpaper was peeling and needed to be replaced anyway.

Daper Dining

AFTER: The outrageous orange was switched out with a soft blue-grey color and the back wall was opened up to create a wide entryway into the kitchen.

Chandelier Centerpiece

AFTER: A metal chandelier with exposed Edison bulbs is a striking focal point over the dining room table.

Rocky Foundation

BEFORE: The foundation in this basement had a crack that had been improperly patched, but it was a decent size. Once the crack was fixed correctly and a new heating and cooling system was installed, this room was a fairly easy build.

Ready for Movie Night

AFTER: The finished room is masculine but kid-friendly with red, white and black furnishings and a sectional couch big enough for the whole family to share.


AFTER: Complete with a popcorn stand and surround sound, the family can enjoy all their favorite flicks in this room.

Cookie-Cutter Cabinetry

BEFORE: The floor-to-ceiling cabinets looked generic and were impractical since a ladder was needed just to get to the top shelves. They also segmented the kitchen, making it difficult to entertain.

Custom Kitchen

AFTER: The wall of cabinets was torn down, creating an opening into the dining room. There is still plenty of storage space in the new white cabinets and under the giant island.

Stylish Sink

AFTER: A sleek black sink in the center island makes food prep quick and easy. The stainless steel faucet matches the other stainless steel appliances.

Wow-Factor Windows

BEFORE: Too much space can be just as daunting as too little. The tall ceilings and flood of natural light had the homeowners worried they wouldn't be able to bring this room down to a liveable size.

Separate But Together

AFTER: A large leather sofa and pool table create the ultimate entertaining space. The position of the sofa and an area rug breaks the huge room up nicely without creating any walkway obstructions.

Happy Hues

AFTER: Blue and yellow pops of color accessorize the room and continue the colors of the stained glass window.

Humdrum Room

BEFORE: This room was on the small side, but it would make a nice home office. But the lack of color and flooring would have to be fixed.

Superior Home Office

AFTER: The office is polished and masculine with a unique airplane wing desk, herring bone tile floors and cow skin chairs.

Bovine Inspiration

AFTER: The cow print chairs provide extra seating as well as an interesting conversation piece to the office.

Sad State

BEFORE: This house came with a tattered old couch and no flooring. The fireplace and mantle were nice features, but the brick needed to be replaced.

New Perspective

AFTER: The new living room is centered around the refaced fireplace and decorated with simple furniture. Under the blue area rug, the floor is porcelain tile made to look like hardwood floors.

Simple Armchair

AFTER: A mirrored side table makes the living room look more spacious than it is, and a collage of family photos hangs on the back wall.

Privacy With Style

AFTER: A sliding barn door separates the living room from the home office and adds a rustic touch to the decor.

Boring Beige

BEFORE: Other than the cute bay windows, this dining room lacked any interesting design features, and the floor was missing altogether.

Defined Decor

AFTER: Tall wainscot panels and porcelain tiles laid in a herring bone pattern give this dining room the dynamic design it needs. Airplane artwork and a table for six complete the space.

Posh Pendant

AFTER: Industrial light fixtures hang over the dining room table. The electrical system had to be re-wired to accommodate two separate fixtures instead of just one, but the sleek look of the pendants was well worth it.

Dead-End Design

BEFORE: Dark wood, tacky wallpaper and tattered flooring plagued this kitchen. The old appliances and closed-off floor plan also needed to be fixed.

Luminous Setting

AFTER: The kitchen was completely renovated with an open layout, cool stone countertops, fresh white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. The tattered flooring was replaced with hard

Apothecary Island

AFTER: The apothecary-style island cart can easily be moved around the kitchen to provide an extra work area or create more space where needed.

Glossy Finish

AFTER: A glass subway tile backsplash takes a different pattern behind the stove than behind the countertops. Switching the pattern from basic to herring bone breaks up the solid-colored backsplash.

Dark and Dated

BEFORE: Old school wood paneling and bricks made this living room seem small and cramped. The lowered ceiling and a huge built-in bookcase weren't helping either by wasting valuable space.

Radiantly Spacious

AFTER: With the wood panels and bookcase gone, newly vaulted ceilings connect the living room to the kitchen to create a bright and open great room.

Touch of Orange

AFTER: Some white paint and a few decorative pillows turn the formerly red bricks into nice, bright window seats. Orange accents like the window valances add a pop of color to the neutral walls and furniture.

Doggy Station

AFTER: A doggy storage station keeps the family pet's feeding area clean and tidy as the bowls slide in and out of the bottom as needed.

Stale Sunroom

BEFORE: This screened-in porch had plenty of space but looked like it was fresh out of 1975. It could be easily updated with some new flooring and contemporary decor.

Perfect for Lunching

AFTER: The dark brown trim was lightened up with white paint and modern procelain tiles cover the old floor. The interior window, as well as some of the surrounding bricks, had to be replaced. A country-style table and chairs are stylish and practical for entertaining or family lunches.

Simple Sitting Area

AFTER: Seats for two polish off the screened-in porch and provide a comfy lounge area and view of the backyard.

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