Jonathan and Drew: Everything You Never Knew About the Bros

Jonathan and Drew Scott — the hosts of Property Brothers — open up to HGTV Magazine about their favorite hobbies, food, music, and more.

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Here's everything you never knew about the bros.

Jetting Around

Photo by: Larsen & Talbert

Larsen & Talbert

Important question: Window or aisle?

Drew: Window.

Jonathan: Me too. People find it weird that we never sit together, but we both want window seats.

Any strategies for getting through security fast?

Jonathan: We’re members of programs like Global Entry and Clear—we’re on the road close to 11 months of the year! Other than that, Drew bats his eyelashes, but it usually doesn’t help.

How about plane rituals?

Jonathan: Wipe down the armrests and tray table—and never shake hands with
someone coming out of the bathroom!

Drew: Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Best celeb travel run-in?

Drew: I was in my seat and heard the unmistakable voice of Samuel L. Jackson. All I wanted to do was ask if I could borrow a snake…but I refrained. We talked sports.

What’s your dream vacation?

Jonathan: I’d love to soak up the culture in Asia. Japan has always intrigued me.

Got any jet lag cures?

Drew: Hit the gym to get tired, then hit the pillow hard.

Jonathan: I can sleep anytime, anywhere. It’s a talent.

Their Travel Favorites

Must-have while traveling?

Jonathan: “These noise-cancelling headphones are lightweight, and as soon as you turn them on, you can’t even hear your brother talking to you.”

Drew: “Can you ever have enough hand sanitizer on a plane? No.”

Travel snack?

Jonathan: “When the beverage cart comes around, sometimes I’ll get tomato or orange juice. I usually have one of these [Nature's Valley Oats 'n Honey] snack bars on me. Like us, they travel well.”

Drew: The one thing we always bring on the plane is candy to hand out to the flight attendants. They are the unsung heroes of air travel.”

Packing trick?

Jonathan: “I took a three-week vacation in Africa last year, and all I brought was my laptop bag and a carry-on. I’m that good.”

Drew: This carry-on is so great, I’ve given it to friends and family members as a gift.”

Plane ride entertainment?

Drew: “I try to catch up on TV shows during flights. Right now I’m watching The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu—it’s scary-good. [My wife] Linda and I play the game Set on our phones—she just beat my record. Noooooo.…”

Rental car of choice?

Jonathan: “An SUV or a crossover is often our rental car, because you can’t exactly fit building materials in a convertible.”

Getting Prepped

Photo by: Larsen & Talbert

Larsen & Talbert

Which one of you takes longer to get ready?

Drew: Jonathan will gladly tell you it’s me, but the thing is, I have my hair at a length where I can get up, shower, and go. He has to blow-dry his, which takes more time.

Jonathan: The joke is that I do my construction work without a strand ever moving. I figure as long as my hair looks great, people won’t stare at my wrinkles.

What are your grooming secrets?

Jonathan: My hair is pretty gray—well, salt-and-pepper, but heavier on the salt—so I color it.

Drew: Here’s a little-known fact: If you really want to get under Jonathan’s skin, brush your teeth around him. It’s like nails on a chalkboard!

Do you have a signature scent?

Jonathan: Nada! We’re both hypersensitive to smells.

How did you get those smiles—did you have braces?

Drew: When we were teenagers, with gapped teeth, we went to the dentist for bonding. I volunteered to go first because Jonathan was hesitant. Then he got jealous and did it too.

Their Grooming Favorites

Grooming tool?

Jonathan: “This hair dryer is lighter than most, so my arm doesn’t get tired holding it up. I know that makes me sound like a wimp.”

Drew: “Since I usually have a beard these days, I use a trimmer to keep it neat.”


Jonathan: “There’s something about gritty white toothpaste that I don’t like, so I need the blue gel kind.”

Drew: “For the past few years, I’ve been an electric toothbrush convert—you get the best clean. Nothing wakes you up more than a shot of minty mouthwash in the morning.”

Hair product?

Jonathan: “I don’t use a brush, I just run hair product through with my fingers.”

Drew: “We both use this shampoo. I wash my hair every four or five days so it doesn’t dry out.”

Beauty Product?

Jonathan: “Our makeup artist uses this [Olay] face moisturizer on me. It’s good stuff!”

Drew: “I never claimed to be low-maintenance—my nightly routine includes an eye cream to reduce puffiness.”


Jonathan: “It’s funny: People will ask what cologne we’re wearing—and it’s antiperspirant!”

Looking Good

Photo by: Larsen & Talbert

Larsen & Talbert

How do you like to shop?

Drew: I shop almost exclusively online. Jonathan shops my closet.

What’s your off-duty uniform?

Jonathan: When I’m not working I’m usually in jeans, a graphic tee, and a hoodie.

Drew: Stylish activewear, like a thin hoodie and a pair of joggers. I was seriously excited when athleisure became a thing.

Is there a kind of clothing or accessory you hoard?

Jonathan: Graphic tees.

Drew: Watches and shoes.

Jonathan: No kidding—we once counted and he had 180 pairs of shoes! I have eight pairs to my name.

Drew: Hey, I’ve since donated many of those.

What’s one thing you’d never wear?

Jonathan: Overalls…nope.

Drew: Leopard print.

Brands you love?

Drew: We both own a lot of Tommy Hilfiger.

Jonathan: I really like John Varvatos’ edgy shirts and leather jackets.

Fashion rule picked up from your dad?

Jonathan: Always have a pair of good, reliable boots.

Drew: Don’t be afraid to dress up, even if no one else does.

Their Fashion Favorites


Jonathan: “When I find something I like—these sunglasses, for example—I stick with it.”

Drew: “I’m not loyal to one watch brand. Looks come first.”

Both: “We get more compliments on our colorful socks than probably anything else.” —Jonathan


Jonathan: “I put my work boots through a lot, and these really last.”

Drew: “I have sneakers for different types of workouts, plus ones that just look awesome.”


Jonathan: “Usually when I try to wear a shirt untucked, which is all the time, it doesn’t look right—unless it’s designed to be worn that way, like this one.”

Drew: These are by far the best undershirts I own—so soft.”

Jean brand?

Drew: “Paige jeans are stylish and stretchy, and they get us through long workdays.”

Style icon?

Jonathan: “Justin Timberlake is one of our style icons—he does both formal and casual perfectly.”

Filling Up

Photo by: Larsen & Talbert

Larsen & Talbert

Who’s a better cook?

Jonathan: That’s been a hot topic for us for a long time. Drew is a good cook and generally makes healthy meals. My meals tend to have more flavor—but, admittedly, they may not be as healthy.

What’s something you could eat every day?

Jonathan: Soup and a sandwich.

Drew: A protein smoothie. Don’t listen to Jonathan, they’re delicious.

Your late-night snack?

Drew: Shelled pistachios.

Jonathan: Chocolate-covered almonds for the win!

Meal you always order at a restaurant?

Jonathan: Anything with garlic mashed potatoes.

Drew: Plank salmon.

What’s the best thing your mom makes?

Jonathan: Yorkshire pudding.

Drew: This dessert with an Oreo cookie crust and a minty topping. So good!

Got any unusual food habits?

Drew: Jonathan thinks it’s disgusting when I eat last night’s leftovers for breakfast.

Jonathan: Turnips and bok choy in the morning are weird.

Their Food Favorites

Sweet treat?

Jonathan: “There’s always a box of Drumstick ice cream cones in my freezer.”

Drew: “Cola bottle gummies are my candy weakness.”

Breakfast go-to?

Jonathan: “This [Honey Nut Cheerios] was my favorite cereal as a kid. Whenever I have it as an adult, I picture myself sitting at the kitchen table in the house where we grew up.”


Drew: “Our favorite cuisine is sushi, hands-down.”

Fast food?

Jonathan: “Subway is our fast-food fix. I get sweet onion chicken teriyaki; Drew has grilled chicken with veggies.”

Drink of choice?

Jonathan: “I love a fizzy, crisp cocktail, like a Pimm’s cup—it’s refreshing.”

Drew: “When I’m at home in L.A., I hit up Kreation. Their green smoothies are amazing.”

Both: “We’ll down the occasional green tea, but never coffee." —Drew

Healthy snack?

Jonathan: “I make a good Caesar salad. The secret is fresh ingredients and my magic touch, obviously.”

Drew: “I’ve never met a vegetable I didn’t like. Truth!”


Jonathan: “I will sneak a spoonful of this [Jif] peanut butter almost every day. It’s great on stone wheat crackers.”

Pampering Pets

Photo by: Larsen & Talbert

Larsen & Talbert

Who are your dogs named after?

Jonathan: Stewie Gilligan Scott is named after the kid on Family Guy, because just like him, he was a terror for the first two weeks I had him. Gracie’s name came from a friend, who said she looked like a Gracie.

Do they sleep in bed with you?

Jonathan: No, they love their own beds.

What gets them in trouble?

Jonathan: They are not allowed to eat people food, but Gracie tries to convince dog sitters otherwise.


Photo by: Larsen & Talbert

Larsen & Talbert

What sorts of hobbies do you have?

Drew: Playing sports—basketball, volleyball, golf—and coin collecting. Also, going to the gym.

Jonathan: Magic. It’s been a lifelong thing. I’m into the memorabilia, and I do charity shows.

Drew: And we both love music in general.

What was your first concert?

Jonathan: Janet Jackson.

Drew: Puff Daddy & the Family.

What’s a typical Saturday night activity?

Jonathan: Movie and sushi, or an escape room.

Drew: A movie and dinner out.

Name a favorite restaurant.

Drew: Pizzeria Mozza in L.A. The crispy goat cheese is to die for.

Jonathan: Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Las Vegas hotel.

What do you like doing with friends?

Drew: We’ll have people over. At the Vegas house, there’s giant Jenga and Connect 4 in the backyard, and a game room with every kind you can imagine, including ones that make you act like an idiot. The best!

Their Weekend Favorites

Exercise Go-To?

Jonathan: On weekends I try to hit the courts and play basketball or tennis. I’m not half bad!”

Drew: “Since I’m in a different city every few months, I have a ClassPass membership, which lets me try different fitness classes, like barre or hot yoga.”

Both: “We’ll play pickup basketball or beach volleyball with our crew whenever we can.” —Drew


Jonathan: “The song I can’t get out of my head: ‘Delicate’ by Taylor Swift.”

Drew: “I listen to a few podcasts and especially like Terry Gross’s awesome interviews on NPR’s ‘Fresh Air.’ ”

Both: "When friends come over for karaoke, there’s a good chance we’ll sing something from Grease. I do Olivia Newton-John and Jonathan is John Travolta.” —Drew


Jonathan: "Is there a better TV show to binge-watch than HBO’s Game of Thrones?”

Drew: “My favorite movie is The Last of the Mohicans. It’s beautifully written and acted.”

Weekend activity?

Jonathan: “A friends-night-in staple for me is fondue. It’s all about the presentation!”

Drew: “On Sundays, [my wife] Linda and I hit flea markets and hole-in-the-wall shops for coins and antiques.”

Reading material?

Jonathan: “The book we’re loving right now is the kids’ book we just wrote, of course.”

Video game?

Drew: “Spyfall is such a fun game because you can see your friends try to be strategic. Some people would make the worst spies!”

Sports team?

Jonathan: “It’s great that Vegas finally has a hockey team. The Golden Knights are doing amazingly. Now we just need an NBA team.”

This story originally appeared in the November 2018 issue of HGTV Magazine.

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