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After the cameras left, did they love it or list it? See the surprising results. 

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Our Favorite Makeovers

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Did they love it or did they list it? See the makeovers and learn the outcomes.

Jillian vs. Todd: Who Wins?

Orderly Lockers as Storage Closet

The closet was removed and custom-built lockers were installed to keep the kids' sports gear organized, as seen on HGTV's Love It or List It, Too.

Vintage Accessories and Paisley Wallpaper

As seen on HGTV's Love It or List It Too, Jillian's design for this space includes a fresh, paisley print wallpaper, fresh flowers and vintage accessories to give the space a vintage feel to match this fifty year old home.

Photo By: Farah Nosh / Getty Images

Dining Room that Blends Modern and Traditional Styles

As seen on Love It Or List It, the floors throughout the main floor are now a beautiful 6.5" wide maple wood boards called 'Wave Rock.' Opening up this main floor was done by removing the wall that housed the fireplace. The wall that divided the dining room from the kitchen is now a big open peninsula for the family to gather around. The paint color in the dining and kitchen area is Behr 'Creme de la Creme.' The trim is painted 'Popped Corn.' The color in the living room and hall is 'Salt Glaze.' Jillian pulled her design together with the glass chandelier that helps to add a traditional touch to the space.

Imported Wall Hangings in Family Room

As seen on Love It Or List It, Too, the old piano room was never used so it became the family room with coffered ceilings adjacent to the newly installed fireplace. Jillian brought in a custom made sectional sofa, a wrought iron wall hanging from Egypt and traditional Italian hunting prints to give the family the Tuscan inspired feel they were looking for.

Bright Yellow Cabinets in Contemporary Bathroom

As seen on Love It or List It, Too, designer Jillian Harris converted a spare bedroom that was cramped and dingy into a stunning bathroom, complete with a clawfoot soaking tub and walk-in shower. A bright yellow cabinet pops against the black and white color scheme.

Photo By: David Owen Strongman/Getty Images

New Coat of Paint and Wallpaper Livens Up Living Room

As seen on Love It or List It, Too, designer Jillian Harris lightened up the outdated living room with fresh paint, modern wallpaper, and modern furnishings.

Photo By: David Owen Strongman / Getty Images

Calcutta Marble Backsplash with Herringbone Texture

As seen on HGTV's Love It or List It Too, Jillian Harris' overall design began by removing the fireplace obstacle at the entrance, adding around 5 feet to the kitchen. The wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room was removed, The London Grey kitchen island was placed on wheels so that it could easily be moved if more space is needed, it also double as a portable bar-perfect for entertaining. The backsplash is Calcutta marble, which is considered timeless, but was made more contemporary by laying a herring bone design. The floor is Rosedale series, light grey. Walls were painted Silver Drop. Kitchen counter tops are Stone Grey. The small kitchen counter bench left of the stove doubles as a homework desk for Joyce's boys-a request she made so that they can be close while she cooks.

From: Todd Talbot and Jillian Harris

Bedroom Blending Masculine and Feminine Elements

As seen on HGTV's Love It or List It Too, Jillian's design for this bedroom blends masculine elements with feminine beauty. The natural wood accent wall and the slate walls make the space seem a bit masculine, but Jillian combats that by adding feminine touches, such as the suede bench at the foot of the bed and the decorative pillows.

Photo By: janis nicolay

Contemporary Dining Room with Antique Accents

As seen on HGTV's Love It or List It Too, Jillian Harris designed a dining room for the family that is elegant and contemporary, with a vintage touch. The table and chairs add a contemporary feel to the space with their stark lines and unique designs, while the vintage silver serving trays give the space a classic feel. The large French doors can be opened to let in sunlight or to bring the outside in.

Dark Grout Makes Tile Design Pop

About the Hosts

Jillian Harris

After charming audiences on ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Jillian brings her city-meets-country design style to HGTV.
All About Jillian

Todd Talbot

In HGTV’s Love It or List It, Too , co-host Todd Talbot is known for his real estate savvy, keen sense of style and quick wit.
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About the Show

When a home no longer suits a family's needs, the homeowners are left with a big dilemma: renovate or sell it? Love It or List It, Too helps undecided homeowners choose. In each hour-long episode, Realtor Todd Talbot and designer Jillian Harris go head-to-head for the homeowners' final choice to stay or go. Todd's expert knowledge of the real estate market helps target affordable listings to prospective buyers, but Jillian is committed to showing homeowners that, within their budget, she can turn their unwanted house into a renovated home they can love. If the owners make the choice to list it, Jillian's hard work adds to the home's resale value. It's a hard call either way. Which choice would you make?
Season 1, Episode 12

Outdoor Living

Mike and Linnea bought this house five years ago so they could raise their active family near the mountains. Being surrounded by parks and plenty of green space is exactly what their family wanted. But with so much time spent playing outside, sporty Dad hasn't gotten around to tackling any of the projects inside the house. From some missing carpet in the master bedroom, to the dark and dingy basement bathroom, Linnea can't seem to get past all of her home's issues. To keep this clashing couple from going ten more rounds, enter rivals designer Jillian and realtor Todd. Jillian and her team will try to turn this haphazard house into a comfortable family home that makes room for Mom, while Todd tries to sell them on another house that meets all of their needs. Sick of sparring over their dysfunctional dwelling, Mike and Linnea will have to decide: will they love their home again or will they list it?

Oct 17
3pm | 2c
Season 2, Episode 11

Second Chance at Love

Five years ago when Gary moved into Michele's house, it seemed like a small compromise for a second chance at love. But now that the last of Michele's kids have left the nest, her devoted husband wants out of her old house. While Gary's worried about cutting himself shaving in the bathroom, they are both concerned about falling in the shower. And now that the downstairs is no longer a basement suite for Michele's son, the kitchen has turned into a makeshift potting shed and Gary's den is anything but a cozy getaway. Enter home experts Jillian and Todd. Designer Jillian and her team hope to turn this old family home in an ideal setting into a retirees' retreat. But Realtor Todd will try to prove another house could make them happy for the long haul. Tired of making do in their awkward house, Gary and Michele are wondering whether they will love their home again, or will they list it?

Jan 22
8am | 7c
Season 3, Episode 6

No Place Like Home

When Danielle married Trevor she agreed to move into his turn of the century character home. That's when Danielle learned she wasn't the only love of Trevor's life. He loves everything about the house, but Danielle is done with the dysfunctional, frustrating layout. As Danielle lectures Trevor on the need for a new space to accommodate a more modern way of life, enter our equally matched rivals, Designer Jillian and Realtor Todd. Jillian and her team hope to renovate Danielle and Trevor's heritage house into the 21st century, while Todd tries to convince them a more modern home is a better fit for their family. Tired of trying to raise a modern family in a 100-year-old house, Danielle and Trevor are wondering whether they will love their home again? Or will they list it?

Feb 6
5pm | 4c
Season 4, Episode 4

Pool Party

When Eleanor and Dave bought their family home on a quiet street five years ago it was all about the amazing backyard, but they overlooked some major issues inside the house. Designer Jillian and her team use their license to thrill with a stunning, top-to-bottom redesign, while Realtor Todd looks to deliver a move-in ready home with a pool that's to die for. Done coping with a dysfunctional home, but in love with their beautiful backyard, Eleanor and Dave must decide. Will they love their home again, or will they list it?

Mar 6
3pm | 2c
Season 4, Episode 5

Money Pit

Jeff and Gina took a big chance when they bought this old-fashioned fixer upper, but 12 years later, all they've done are quick fixes, Now Gina feels their family home is nothing more than a money pit. Designer Jillian and her team have high hopes of transforming this mountainside home, while Todd tries to convince the family it's time to buck up and buy a new house. Fed up with over a decade of quick fixes, Jeff and Gina have to decide. Will they love it, or list it?

Mar 6
8pm | 7c
Season 2, Episode 12

Bursting at the Seams

Eight years ago, Steph and Cynthia bought their historic housee from Cynthia's mom. The home's character, location, and backyard is what won them over, but after having two kids, their home is now bursting at the seams. All Cynthia wants is more storage space to organize all the clutter in their current home. But Steph is just fed up and thinks the only solution is a bigger house. Here to dig this couple out from the clutter are rivals Designer Jillian and Realtor Todd. Jillian and her team will try and bring order to chaos with a functional redesign. While Todd believes he can find all the storage they could ever need in a newer bigger home. Conflicted over what to do with a beautiful old home that is bursting at the seams, Steph and Cynthia will have to decide, will they love their home again...or will they list it?

Jun 10
8am | 7c
Season 4, Episode 6

Thirty Year Throwdown

When Michelle and Brent bought their first home thirty years ago, they were looking for the perfect place to start a family. Now, with three kids fully grown, and a home in desperate need of renovations, Brent feels it's the perfect time to move on to something new. Designer Jillian and her team will attempt to reconfigure their odd layout to better suit five adults, while Realtor Todd hopes to find them a functional, move-in ready home. Tired of fussing over what to do with their outdated, dysfunctional house, Michelle and Brent must decide, will they love their home again or, will they list it?

Aug 30
9am | 8c
Season 3, Episode 9

Racing to the Finish Line

When professional racecar driver Michael and his wife Nicola found their home 5 years ago it was love at first sight?well for Nicola that is. The house wasn't exactly move-in ready, and the layout makes it hard for Nicola to keep up with their son Massimo, but for Michael, finding time for renovations is hard, especially since his racing career keeps him on the road. Revved up to help this couple are feisty competitors Designer Jillian and Realtor Todd. Jillian and her team will try to create function with an open concept redesign while Todd believes he can put an end to all their problems by finding them a move-in ready home. Overwhelmed by a long list of renovations and absolutely no time to do them, Nicola and Michael have to decide will they love their home again, or will they list it?

Nov 15
11am | 10c
Season 4, Episode 10

Cramped Quarters

When Una and Christian bought their 88-year-old charmer in an ideal location, it seemed like the perfect place to raise their daughters. But now that their two young daughters are growing up, this beautiful house has lost its appeal. Designer Jillian hopes to find common ground by delivering a modern, open concept redesign. And Realtor Todd will show them the perks of living in a house from this century. Conflicted over what to do with their closed off character home, Una and Christian need to decide. Will they love their home again, or will they list it?

Jan 14
10am | 9c
Season 5, Episode 8

Equestrian Equation

After meeting in the army and getting married, Lisa and Chris fell in love with an historic house in a family friendly area of the city. It was fine at first, but now with kids in the picture and a pet horse in the equation, things have gotten complicated. Chris likes their location and thinks the house can be updated to suit them, but Lisa is ready to move out to the countryside to be with her horse and find a nicer, newer home. The race is on for Designer Jillian and Realtor Todd to solve this housing crisis. Jillian's betting a fabulous and functional renovation will have Lisa putting her house before the horse, but Todd thinks that the odds are in his favor and finding a perfect country home will have the whole family heading for greener pastures. Can this house win their hearts again or is it time for Chris and Lisa to ride off into the sunset? Will they love it or will they list it?

Oct 20
8am | 7c
Season 7, Episode 3

Way Out West

Buying in one of the city's up-and-coming neighborhoods 14 years ago was the first step into the house market for Eva and Chris, but now Eva is overwhelmed with the list of issues in the house including the irritating commute. Designer Jillian will work to make Chris and Eva's home more spacious and functional, while real estate agent Todd will show them newer homes closer to the city. In the end Chris and Eva will have to choose, will they love it or list it?

May 5
8am | 7c
Season 7, Episode 8

Laundry Closet Fiasco

Chris is ready to leave his family's 100-year-old home, but his wife Christine thinks a few improvements to the kitchen, back deck and mudroom will make the house good as new. Todd shows them a modern-chic home complete with their dream kitchen and a to-die-for walk-in closet in hopes of getting them to leave the old behind. Meanwhile, Jillian shows them the gem they already live in by giving them an open concept kitchen and living room and rebuilding their tiny deck into a larger relaxing lounge. Will the couple fall in love with their home all over again or will they list it and move on to something new?

Oct 18
9am | 8c
Season 7, Episode 6

Time Warp Nightmare

Ten years after buying their 1960s time-warped house, Jeanine is burdened by the growing list of repairs and wants to move out immediately, but husband Norman doesn't want to let go of the home that holds so many of their memories. By updating the kitchen, living room, dining room and giving the outdoor wrap-around balcony a fresh makeover, Jillian hopes to inspire the couple to stay put in their midcentury home. To convince Jeanine and Norman to move, Todd shows the couple a home with plenty of bedrooms to accommodate the family of six, a spacious kitchen facing the backyard and a master suite that is the perfect getaway after a long day.

Mar 16
9am | 8c
Season 8, Episode 12

New Home for Newlyweds

Newlyweds disagree on where to start their life together. She wants to start fresh with a newer, more dynamic home, but he thinks they'll be happy with their home after a few changes. Jillian has plans to turn their so-so house into a love nest, but Todd is convinced he can find the right house for their future together.

Jun 8
8am | 7c
Season 8, Episode 6

Remodel or Downsize

A couple debates whether they should downsize their home or stay and try to make it work. Jillian has a large-scale renovation in mind that will create a dream home worthy of calling home but Todd makes a convincing case that sometimes less really is more. What choice will they make?

Jun 8
9am | 8c
Season , Episode

Jun 29
8am | 7c
Season 6, Episode 7

Split Up Split Level

Lisa and Derek were overjoyed to find a home to raise their kids in Derek's old stomping grounds, but now Lisa is ready to put her foot down because the floor plan blocks the flow from room to room. Lisa is sure that Realtor Todd can find a spacious, open concept house in their current neighborhood. But Derek thinks they have plenty of space, and he hopes Designer Jillian can unlock the home's potential with a smart redesign of the layout. Sick of bumping heads over a tiny family home that seems to be closing in on them, Lisa and Derek must decide...Can they love their home again, or will they list it?

Jun 29
9am | 8c
Season 8, Episode 8

Overhaul or Walk Away

A couple can't decide what they want to do with their problematic home. She's confident a redesign can fix their problem-plagued house and Jillian is there to help them with a renovation. He's fed up with the house, however, and is ready to move out. Will Todd show them the perfect home and an excuse to walk away?

Jun 29
10am | 9c
Season , Episode

Jun 29
11am | 10c

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