Before-and-After Southern-Style Home Makeovers

These beautiful redos mix traditional style with rustic touches. Get ideas for adding some country charm to your house.

Before: No Personality

This Southern home is lacking in personality. The landscape is bare, and the yard has no privacy from the loading dock next door. The porch needs shelter from the hot summer sun, while peeling, dull paint gives the house a run-down look.

After: Red, White and Blue

The house gets an Americana-themed makeover complete with bold red paint and custom-made metal shutters with star-shaped cutouts. The porch is sheltered from the sun with a corrugated tin awning, and a red butterfly-shaped bench and birdbath dress up the landscaping. Dark blue paint on the window trim completes the schoolhouse look.

Before: Peeling Paint

The peeling paint on the house is an eyesore in the neighborhood, and the boring window shutters lack dimension and need some sparkle.

After: Tin Flower Boxes

The windows are dressed up with dark blue paint and tin flower boxes. The flower boxes are filled with various plants, including caladiums and Japanese painted ferns, which coordinate with the red-, white- and blue-theme of the house. The boxes sit on a wooden shelf rather than being mounted to the windows so the plants can be interchanged easily from season to season.

After: Privacy Screen

The privacy screen is painted a dark blue color to carry through the patriotic theme of the house. The screen blocks the house from an ugly loading dock and gives a sense of privacy. The custom-made metal window shutters with star-shaped cutouts give the house a one-of-a-kind look, while adding a vibrant touch. The Americana-themed house wouldn't be complete without a hanging American flag.

Before: Not So Charming

The nonfunctioning front door and the lack of porch space don't make this house feel warm and inviting. The cracked sidewalk and unkempt landscaping are unsightly, and the siding and trim need an upgrade since they're from the 1940s.

After: Southern Hospitality

The addition of a simple yet beautiful porch gives the house a whole new look. The use of local materials represents the home's Southern roots, honoring the home's history. The old, cracked sidewalk is broken into pieces to create stunning stepping stones, and neutral-toned window trim complements the gray, Heartland siding of the house.

After: Southern Charm

The new porch gives the house a charming entrance. The wooden log rocking chairs and simple furniture add Southern charm to the space, while potted plants add color and dimension.

After: Metal Container Pond

The metal container pond balances a traditional flower bed with a water flower bed around the edge. The pond area consists of a variation of plants, including crape myrtles and a magnolia tree to complete the traditional look of the home.

After: Recycled Balcony Railing

The house includes a side balcony made with recycled materials. The balcony railing is actually a modified headboard rail and footboard from an old, unused bed. Reusing unused items helps with the budget and adds a vintage touch.

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