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Redefining the Lake Life Aesthetic With 'Lakefront Empire'

There's something exciting happening in central Missouri, and it's all about lakes. Move over "salt life" — "lake life" is blowing up.

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Lake Life

With its series Lakefront Empire, HGTV is taking you to the heart of a burgeoning movement in real estate — one that's rooted in scenic beauty, outdoor adventure and lake culture. The series is set in the vibrant community known as Lake of the Ozarks. Here you'll find a sampling of what lake life in the Ozarks looks like.

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Lakefront Dream Team

But first, meet the Lakefront Empire team — real estate brokers and agents (L to R) Justin and Jonas Farrell, Amanda Smith, Peggy Albers, Gerardo Cornejo and Cierra Grein. These specialized real estate movers-and-shakers work closely together, and each possesses an in-depth knowledge of the region — its communities and properties as well as its culture and social scene. "Living on the lake and running my business is an honor and a pleasure," says Peggy, "but to help people find their dream home is the best reward of all.”

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An American Dream

"Life on the Lake of the Ozarks … it's the American dream," says Peggy. "I just don't think people realize that we have a "Midwest Coast." This natural and scenic region is located in central Missouri, between Kansas City and St. Louis, an easy trip by car from Chicago. The lake itself encompasses 54,000 acres of surface area and boasts no less than 1,200 miles of shoreline which is — as the agents like to point out — more than the entire coast of California.

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The Life Aquatic

First created when the Osage River was dammed as part of a massive hydroelectric project in the early 1900s, the lake has long been a mecca for vacationers, hunters and fishermen, nature lovers, water-sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

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