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Renowned Australian architect Peter Maddison follows people as they attempt to build their own custom dream home. In each episode, Peter presents the authentic journey and challenges behind building these homes -- many of which are architectural feats.
Season 8, Episode 7

Unconventional Underground House

A teacher and mechanical engineer with a passion for making things is building a unique, underground home in Australia. The house will be thermally efficient, not requiring heat or air conditioning, and will feature a rooftop garden.

Nov 1
6am | 5c
Season 8, Episode 8

Midcentury Minimalism

A couple builds a midcentury modern home that explores the minimalist aesthetic in Byron Bay, Australia. However, they could face challenges when their design interests don't match their budget for building on the edge of a rainforest.

Nov 8
6am | 5c
Season 8, Episode 9

Extraordinary Outdoor Living

In Mount Tamborine, Australia, a couple builds a home-away-from-home on lush mountain acreage. They combine modern and traditional architecture to build a hybrid home with equal indoor and outdoor space.

Nov 15
6am | 5c
Season 8, Episode 10

Four Story Coastal Views

On the coast of Sydney, Craig has a system that might revolutionize how homes are built, and he wants to test it on the massive house he is planning with his wife, Barabara. With endless complications, the build tests his faith, abilities and health.

Nov 22
6am | 5c

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