Flip or Flop Nashville's Brilliant Colors

The interior designs Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins dream up to transform Music City homes are all about bold, beautiful hues. Take a page from their coloring book and breathe some Nashville style into your own rooms.

House of Blues

As admirers of San Francisco’s kaleidoscopic Victorians know, a narrow lot is the perfect place to make a big statement with color choices. Page boosted this sweet little property’s curb appeal with a one-two punch of steel blue for the brick exterior and ripe persimmon for the front door.

The Shade of Water

The airy sea foam green Page chose for this bedroom’s walls deepens just a bit in the aqua bedspread, then deepens again on the nightstand and pillows. Explicitly beachy details are absent here, but the ripple effect of these tones gives the space the feel of an upscale coastal resort.

Wild Lilac

This choose-your-own-adventure child’s bedroom builds on its neutral base with cool accents and art that burst into Technicolor. While some of the accessories might suggest a little girl would be most at home here, a few quick swaps could take the room’s tones in a completely different direction.

Pop of Teal

A shower curtain spends most of its time closed—so why not treat it as a feature wall? This one offsets mineral whites and grays with an ombré swath of Page’s favorite sea-glass green.

High-Impact Hallway

A bold bench in the same contrasting shades Page chose for this home’s exterior gives this transitional space its own focal point. Why shouldn’t passageways be just as luscious as the rooms they link?

Autumnal Linens

Behold the seasonal brilliance of a simple bedding swap: This bedroom’s palette bursts into life in the same way Nashville’s foliage catches fire in the fall, thanks to Page’s clever use of a coverlet.

Fresh Citrus

Sunny shades on this kitchen island continue into the breakfast nook, where a pair of graphic pieces will catch morning light streaming in from the back yard.

MVP (Most Valuable Pillow)

A single cushion is the star of this master bedroom, thanks to the way Page framed it with deep background tones in the carpet, duvet and table lamps.

A Peek of Color

The bold yellow note in the master suite carries into details in a second bedroom, where a buttery fitted sheet and a geometric accent piece add subtle hints of character.

Black and White and Yellow All Over

This living room could have been comparatively monochromatic—the zigzag area rug provides plenty of visual interest. That said, have you met Page? She doubled down with eye-popping pillows and artwork, which take the space from chic to fun.

Cool Contrast

The detail on this living room’s trio of windows is especially crisp against deep blue paint—which also creates a dramatic frame for the sitting area Page created.

A Nautical Welcome

Want to dip a toe in eye-popping color without going overboard? A front door like this one—echoed in the printed pillows on the front porch—is the perfect place to start.

His-and-Hers Hues

Patterned quilts can feel a bit precious when they’re piled on with impunity, but this sweet piece’s cotton-candy color plays well with the more buttoned-up, neutral headboard and bedding Page used at the other end of the bed.

Lipstick-Pink Pillow

From the deep area rug to the glitzy details on the side table and nightstands, this room oozes classic-film-star glamour. The perfect Hollywood ending? A kiss of color on the bed.

Color as Texture

An ice-blue quilt picks up and emphasizes the glacial tones in this bedroom’s dramatic pair of patterned lampshades.

Rose-Colored Accents

The pale beige Page chose for this living room’s walls warms up with the addition of blush tones on the walls and sofa—and blooms with her arrangement on the coffee table.

Statement Rug

Smooth, cool hardwood floors are perfect for high-traffic areas, but they aren’t especially cozy. The homespun rainbow Page tucked beneath the bed here makes this room a cheerfully plush place to turn in for the night.

Rhythm and Blues

The barest hint of blue in this bedroom’s walls deepens in the stately shade Page chose for the windows and trim, then brightens in its colored-glass accents and its artwork’s sapphire brushstrokes.

Painterly Details

The silky turquoise pillows on the sofa are a perfect match for the pieces on the walls—and changing them out for darker greens or warmer hues would work just as well.

Showstopping Stripes

This dining room owes its graphic punch to the high contrast between the creamy white color Page chose for the walls and the chocolate-black shade she used to accent its molding.

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