Dig It! Your Gardening Questions, Answered 23 Videos

Master gardener and author of "Vegetable Gardening Wisdom" Kelly Smith Trimble answers commonly asked vegetable gardening questions to help you have a bountiful harvest every season.

How to Harden Off Your Seedlings + The Best Soil for Veggie Gardens 03:49

Kelly Smith Trimble answers questions about transitioning seedlings and soil types. Plus, Kelly demonstrates how to transplant leeks and onions she's been growing indoors.

Meet the Master Gardener

Kelly Smith Trimble

Kelly is the senior editorial director for HGTV.com and author of the book "Vegetable Gardening Wisdom." A master gardener, she focuses on growing vegetables, cooking and preserving. Kelly also spends her time hiking, backpacking and doing almost anything else outdoors. She likes vintage and eclectic design where everything has a story.