Rustic Farmhouse Meets Functional Firehouse

Brilliant whites, a well-planned layout and lovely textures transform this outdated kitchen and living room into a warm, inviting space for the whole family.

January 06, 2020

The Planning Begins

On the season two premiere of Christina on the Coast, host Christina Anstead meets with homeowners Jamie and Travis at their house in Fountain Valley, Calif. They're looking for a total overhaul of their kitchen and living room.

Before: Out-of-Style Kitchen

When Jamie and Travis bought their home seven years ago, it was a short-sale house and needed a lot of work. They're now ready to renovate the kitchen and living spaces to better fit their family of five.

His-and-Her Requests

Travis is a firefighter and wants everything in the kitchen to have a purpose, similar to how his fire station is designed. Jamie, a stay-at-home mom of three boys, needs function, durability and style. She loves the look of rustic farmhouse and desires a kitchen that's clean and bright.

After: Classic + Airy

Combining the couple's style and function needs, Christina creates a kitchen that's truly the heart of the home for the entire family. Bright white Shaker cabinets are topped in quartz countertops, while a soft gray geometric backsplash brings in subtle color and pattern.

Before: Unwieldy Floor Plan

The dated and dark kitchen layout feels closed off and awkward. The center wall separates the kitchen from the living room, making it hard for the family to feel connected in the living spaces.

After: Elegant in Neutrals

An open floor plan makes all the difference in this remodel. Instead of being divided, the kitchen, living room and dining area all flow together as one big space. A large center island takes the place of the unneeded wall and acts as a gathering spot, homework station and prep space.

Before: Unused Breakfast Nook

The cramped breakfast nook has barely enough room for a table and wastes a large amount of the kitchen's floor space.

After: Storage to the Max

Making the most of the kitchen's space, floor-to-ceiling cabinets take the place of the former breakfast nook. The center island now adds a convenient and better laid out dining spot. The new cabinets provide a pantry and ample storage.

Before: Wall Obstruction

The wall blocks any view from the kitchen to the living room creating a closed-off environment the homeowners are ready to change.

After: Stylish + Functional Island

Originally, Christina had hoped to take out the wall completely, but discovered they would have to keep at least one post since it was a load-bearing wall. She incorporated a second post to give the island a built-in look.

All the Chrome

Several chrome accents, including these pendants, pull in the firehouse design aesthetic and bring in metallic sheen to the bright white palette. Christina also uses chrome hardware pulls on the cabinets.

Hard-Wearing Flooring

With three young boys running around, durable flooring is a must. Christina opts for vinyl flooring that has the look of hardwood. Lighter tones hide dust and dirt better than dark woods, making this choice a win-win for parents and kids.

Before: Dated Living Room

With a new open kitchen in the works, the living space needs to be incorporated into the design to create a cohesive look.

After: Style Meets Comfort

A quiet neutral color scheme establishes a cozy and casual aesthetic in this living room. A mix of seating, including knitted poufs, give the homeowners more flexibility and openness for the boys to play.

Before: Unfashionable Fireplace

The half-drywall, half-stacked stone fireplace is old-fashioned and visually takes up a lot of space, making the room feel smaller.

After: Warm Gathering Spot

Now, a major asset to this living room, the fireplace pairs white subway tile laid in a herringbone pattern with a chunky, rustic mantel. The firebox is painted onyx to create a striking contrast against the surround.

After: Oh-So-Chic Hearth

To tie the living room and kitchen together, the same quartz countertops are used to create the fireplace hearth.

Homey Fireplace Mantel

The solid wooden mantel adds rustic charm to the pearly subway tile surround. For a mantel that draws the eye, layer textures and materials to create an interesting vignette.

Boho Chic Dining Room

The underused area of the living room is transformed into a complete dining space. A long rustic bench is ideal for seating a gaggle of kiddos and the mix of dining chairs creates an eclectic, collected-over-time vibe. Woven accessories, from the artwork and table runner to the baskets, infuse delightful tactile appeal into the room.

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