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How to Shop an Estate Sale With Cari Cucksey

By: Amy Bickers
Cari Cucksey, host of Cash & Cari, uncovers the best treasures to take home.
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Go Shopping With a Pro

Cari can sort through a table of goods in record time!

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Wooden Trunks

"I'm always on the lookout for trunks because they're functional and beautiful," says Cari. "And there's no better way to hide your piles." Expect to pay $150 to $350 for a quality trunk. If you find one that's a little beat up, a quick sanding and a coat of glossy paint can turn it around.

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"If you want to collect something that never goes out of style, buy pottery. I always have my eye out for Fiesta ware — it's classic, sturdy and colorful," says Cari, who pays between $3 and $30 per piece. Check for cracks and chips before you buy, and look for an identification mark on the base, a sure sign it's the real deal.

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Frames and Artwork

Savvy shoppers know to inspect them separately. Paintings and posters are some of the best bargains, but don't be turned off by the frame. At the same time, consider a frame even if you don't love the art — you can always replace it with a mirror.

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