20 Beautiful 'Beachfront Bargain Hunt' Views

Need a quick mental break? Practice some creative visualization: Picture yourself holding a cool drink in one of these serene scenes from the balconies, docks and more seen on Beachfront Bargain Hunt in 3...2...1...

Beals Island, Maine

Hannah's Cove is on the western side of Maine's Beals Island, which is connected by bridge to another island and the mainland. This area is ideal for kayakers and canoers, as well as seafood lovers. 

Gulfport, Mississippi

Palm trees flank the expansive waterfront pool at Gulf View in Gulfport, Miss.. For visitors who want to drink in even more of the view, a ferry runs to nearby Ship Island, where boardwalks and historic sites rub shoulders with white beaches and tidal pools.

Costa Maya, Mexico

The recipe for a perfect afternoon at Casa De Coco in Costa Maya, Mexico is a simple one: a wide tiled balcony, a lounge chair, and a view of the Caribbean. (Add additional ingredients as you see fit.)

Panama City Beach, Florida

Technically, this chair at Tidewater in Panama City Beach, Fla., faces the Gulf of Mexico. In practice, it functions more like a bench at an abstract art gallery (just look at those washes of color!).

St. Thomas, USVI

Since water stretches nearly as far as the eye can see at Bolongo Bungalow on St. Thomas, USVI, you could probably consider this a dining room in a houseboat. 

Water Island, USVI

A tiny residential isle in the U.S. Virgin Islands, lovely little Water Island has no commercial clutter to speak of—and a grand total of 180 inhabitants. How’s that for a personal slice of paradise? 

Miramar Beach, Florida

Researchers will one day find that frequent exposure to glints of sunlight on Emerald Cove at Florida's Miramar Beach can permanently improve one's mood.

Roatán, Honduras

A diminutive island off the coast of Honduras near the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea—second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef—Roatán is wildly popular with cruise ships, scuba divers and eco-tourists. It’s not difficult to see why. 

Costa Maya, Mexico

With direct backyard access to the cerulean Caribbean, as on this property in Costa Maya, Mexico, why would you ever go inside?

Siesta Key, Florida

This well-furnished corner of a hardwood balcony deck at Coral Shores in Siesta Key, Fla., boasts bird's-eye views of one of the waterfront community's canals and a pristine pool area. 

Port Aransas, Texas

An unassuming path through a backyard lawn becomes a bridge to the beach at Executive Keys in Port Aransas, Texas. Port Aransas is the only town on Mustang Island, a barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico with more than 20 miles of hiking trails through state parkland. 

Beals Island, Maine

North Atlantic views are every bit as stunning as their counterparts down south, as the scene from this deck at Carver Cottage on Beals Island, Maine, demonstrates.

Chelem, Mexico

This rustic patio and its eye-popping view are situated along the Gulf of Mexico in the fishing village (and expat community) of Chelem, where brightly-painted beach casas and palapa roofs dot the coastline. 

San Juan Islands, Washington

Guests at this property on one of the San Juan Islands, an archipelago between Washington State and Vancouver Island, can make twofold use of their waterfront view. When it's too cold to enjoy the deck, a cozy king-size bed is just steps away.

Avon, North Carolina

Bring a pair of binoculars to this third-story balcony at Sound Sail in Avon, NC. You might be able to see kiteboarders and windsurfers making their way across Pamlico Sound.

St. Thomas, USVI

Caret Bay Villa, on St. Thomas in the USVI, is the perfect place to spend an afternoon spread out in the sun—as long as the sound of the waves crashing below don't lull you to sleep. 

Panama City Beach, Florida

The deck furniture visible just outside this living room at Calypso in Panama City Beach, Fla., is the most traditional way to appreciate the view. If you're truly dedicated to relaxation, though, who's to say you couldn't bring that plush chair outside every now and again? 

St. Thomas, USVI

Condo owners at Watergate Villas on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands share their balconies with local wildlife, who love to perch above the Caribbean as much as their human neighbors do. 

Akumal, Mexico

Private condominium decks at La Tortuga in Akumal, Mexico, treat residents to spectacular sunrises and moonrises. As the property's name implies, snorkelers who go in for a close-up view of Akumal's Half Moon Bay will find tropical fish, rays and sea tortoises.

La Ceiba, Honduras

Welcome to the backyard at Casa Soleada in La Ceiba, Honduras, a port city on the northern coast that's also the country's ecotourism capital. (If you made a 180-degree turn from this view, you'd see lush jungle and mountains.) 

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