Marianne Canada Bio

Learn more about Marianne Canada, producer, stylist and host for HGTV Handmade and HGTV Obsessed.

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Digital Host and Executive Producer Marianne Canada

Marianne Canada is an executive producer and lifestyle expert at and the host of the HGTV Obsessed podcast.

and HGTV Handmade

Marianne Canada is an executive producer and lifestyle expert at and the host of the HGTV Obsessed podcast. When not watching (and talking about) HGTV, she’s making crafty videos for HGTV Handmade, cooking, gardening or working on renovating her house. A passionate thrifter, Marianne relishes finding treasures and often can be found sharing her thrifting haul online.

Before beginning her career at HGTV, Marianne was an actress in Eastern Europe, created blockbuster events for Red Bull Energy Drink and was a dog wrangler for a show about over-the-top dog houses.

Marianne started out at Discovery as a location and talent coordinator. Using her eye for design and current trends, she found locations and cast talent in more than 200 commercial spots.

After catching the attention of her coworkers, Marianne moved into a Special Projects Editor role, focusing on experiential installations for HGTV employees. Because of this, you could often find Marianne crafting at her desk; it’s only natural she was given a gentle push out of her comfort zone to start and host Weekday Crafternoon, a weekly digital series on featuring a new craft project every week. The series became the building block for HGTV Handmade, a crafting and DIY collab YouTube channel launched in 2014. Around the same time, Marianne also began working on another new social video series — HGTV Happy, which helped land its first viral video.

Marianne continues to expand her talents across the Discovery family, developing digital talent and overseeing expansion into new platforms like SnapChat, TikTok and — of course — podcasting.

Marianne is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and theater.

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