I believe that people have an innate desire to be connected to the earth, soil, sun, water, plants, and the sky.  My love of the outdoors began at a very young age, camping and backpacking all over the western US. While out in nature I study trees, plant communities, plant combinations, natural water courses, and various natural spatial qualities. Really, the foundation of my design training and my love of the arts began in the home—growing up in northern California.  I was one of 5 children, all trained musicians, artists and lovers of nature. My formal education began at Utah State University.  Which has a fully accredited landscape architecture program. It has a reputation of being one of the top 4 programs in the US.  

After graduation I was very fortunate to have worked with some very talented designers. That included not only landscape architects, but also architects, civil engineers, horticulturists, and structural engineers. During those years I learned many valuable lessons to build upon.  

I now have enjoyed 27 years as a licensed California landscape architect.  I love to design outdoor spaces for people to enjoy. I have designed 23 parks, urban spaces, theme parks, pocket parks, roof top gardens, housing projects and over 500 personal residences. I have also taught landscape design, and have served on Architectural Review Boards. I have extensive experience with the Construction part of the process. Construction detailing and construction administration are very important pieces of a successful project. 

Even though I have designed award winning commercial and residential projects, my biggest reward is when a client tells me that I have helped them realize something very special and unique, something they truly cherish.  Before sustainability became a buzzword and going green became popular, I was caring for this earth. My designs have been responsible for planting over 200,000 trees. I am devoted to sustainable landscape design and sustainable new building construction.  I have built many gardens with my own hands. I have built ponds, water courses, planted trees, planted vegetable gardens, and worked side by side with many crews over the years.

Russell Stringham

Russell Stringham

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