Pretty Smart was founded by Daniella Carter, a Southern California native who graduated cum laude from the hands-on architecture program at California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo. A licensed California architect, she has over 15 years experience designing, building, drawing and beautifying objects and spaces of all sizes and budgets. Daniella embraces a hands-on approach and is personally involved in every project, from design conception through the construction process.

Pretty Smart is a different kind of design firm. We believe design should be an enjoyable process of inquiry, discovery and growth, developed out of a close collaboration between client and consultants that results in spaces that inspire and connect us: to each other and to the planet.

Design affects every part of our experience: Interior environments are an intimate part of our everyday lives that surround us, touch us, and color our perspectives. Furniture is the perch from which we see the world and our posture affects our outlook. The space that surrounds us can enhance, uplift and refine an experience. As such, we endeavor to design all aspects of a project.

Our studio embraces a design- build approach, and craftspeople are respected as an integral part of the process. Building materials are allowed to sing with their truest voice. We find joy in detailing, creating, and getting muddy in the trenches. A true multi-disciplinary design firm, we are interior designers who speak architecture, architects who speak construction, hardscape and landscape designers who speak graphic design. In our studio it is all connected and we are happy to participate in as much or as little as a project requires.

Daniella Carter

Daniella Carter

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