Phinney Design Group is a multi-disciplinary Architecture, Interior Design, Green Building Consulting, and Construction Management Firm with a focus on sustainable and environmentally responsible construction methods. Practicing what we preach, Phinney Design Group is headquartered in a sustainable green building located on the corner of Beekman St. and Grand Ave. in the historic Dublin Neighborhood of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Phinney Design Group’s portfolio contains a wealth of diverse design experiences and projects. From architecture to interior design, landscape design to land use analysis, urban planning to rural planning, our firm has a long and accomplished track record of coordinating projects from the design phase through completion and construction, all while maintaining environmentally friendly standards.

PDG believes in a holistic approach to completing a project. We help to foster an environment where the owner, architect, engineer, and builder understand one another’s needs and goals to ensure that we properly optimize a project’s design, budget, and schedule.

From conceptual design to occupancy, we pride ourselves on providing consistent representation through all phases of a project. Phinney Design knows that our best, most successful form of advertising is the completion of projects that meet and exceed our client’s requirements while enhancing the communities in which they are located.

Phinney Design Group

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