I’m a design lover and inspiration junkie.  

Design is my way to connect.  It’s my way to let my clients know that they’ve been heard and understood. It’s how I show I care about their comfort, and their needs.

When I think about how long my projects will last, I feel the heady responsibility to make sure I am careful, and thoughtful, and timeless.

The fuel for my fire is inspiration. I actively look for the *poof* when I think of something I haven’t thought of before… or a way to use an idea that was always good, but didn’t fit until now.  I feel like there is a deep well of ideas that is waiting for the right client; the right project. The moment the idea becomes clear, or the usage reveals itself, is the moment I crave.

I have the great responsibility of accompanying clients during the largest expenditure of their lives. The numbers can be scary, the cost of building materials, land, lighting, appliances, furnishings, window treatments and every other detail.  The good news is, I’ve been here before.

I can help sort through the likes to get to theloves. I can share my experience to know when to splurge and when to stay conservative.

I am honored to be a part of the building of personal spaces… the places my clients call home.

On the personal side, home is my husband, kids and two pups. We are a dinner at the table, piled up in bed, kiss before you leave, love you at your worst, giggle when it’s funny kind of family.

Lori Paranjape

Lori Paranjape

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