Chic Colonial-Style Home With Pool and Spa

This classic black and white Colonial-style home features a contemporary backyard with square pavers in a geometric pattern outlining a sleek swimming pool. A wall covered in ivy makes for an eye-catching visual.

Photo By: Ashley Olmsted

Photo By: Ashley Olmsted

Photo By: Ashley Olmsted

Photo By: Ashley Olmsted

Photo By: Ashley Olmsted

Photo By: Ashley Olmsted

Photo By: Ashley Olmsted

Photo By: Ashley Olmsted

Photo By: Ashley Olmsted

Front Walkway Boasts Symmetry, Balance

A home this grand needed an entrance to match, which is exactly why the Moss Landscaping team flanked the front walkway with Japanese boxwood and other plants. Now the lawn shines with beautiful symmetry and balance.

Houston Home With Chic Southern Style

With chic black shutters and stately columns, this Houston home puts a modern twist on traditional southern architecture. A well-manicured lawn complements the clean design without stealing the spotlight.

Clean Lines Define Lush Front Lawn

A side view of the Zorro Zoysia lawn reveals layers of clean lines, from the front porch to the adjacent boxwoods. In turn, this outdoor space is rich with definition and fresh greenery.

Classic Black-and-White Porch

That symmetry flows to the front porch, where identical terra cotta urns showcase perfectly trimmed boxwood globes. Meanwhile, matte black doors welcome visitors into the heart of the home.

Pristine Stone Path Leads to Outdoor Lounge

Stunning though it may be, this outdoor space also faces unique maintenance challenges, like caring for the lawn joints between the stone pavers. To keep the yard flawless, the landscape architects carefully trim around the concrete and so create a pristine pathway.

Contemporary Backyard With Sleek Pool, Spa

The backyard, too, is a geometric wonder, with square pavers outlining a sleek swimming pool and spa. With walls on almost all sides, the owners can lounge by the water or soak up the sun in their private paradise.

Ivy Wall Thrives in Contemporary Backyard

In the summer, a wall of Boston Ivy climbs the side of the garage, making for an eye-catching visual that the owners can enjoy right in their backyard. While structural architecture is constant, landscape features such as this have the ability to grow and adapt over the years.

Ivy Wall Adds Beauty in Winter

In the winter, that same ivy wall defoliates and leaves behind a beautiful display of intertwined, veining tendrils that reflect the changing seasons.

Rendered Plan Showcases Design Details

This original rendering shows the full layout of the property, which was designed and installed in 2013. Over the years, the Moss Landscaping team added a few minor enhancements at the request of their client.

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