Lush, Formal Garden With Pool, Stone Maze, and Terrace

This lovely formal garden features lush layered plantings, a stone terrace, a swimming pool bordered by hedges, and a stone maze with a large urn.

Photo By: Doug Young

Photo By: Doug Young

Photo By: Doug Young

Photo By: Doug Young

Photo By: Doug Young

Photo By: Doug Young

Photo By: Doug Young

Photo By: Doug Young

Photo By: Doug Young

A Palladian Villa's Lush Garden

Layers of lush plants complement the elegant architectural style of this luxurious home in Southampton, New York. The garden is framed by an emerald green necklace of trimmed boxwood hedges, which help separate the swimming area from the floral and herb parterres planted with lavender, roses and lady's mantle.

A Garden View From the Breakfast Terrace

Clipped boxwood hedges create an emerald necklace around the garden and help to define the swimming pool. A lush green lawn is just a few steps away from a well furnished terrace, which is the perfect place for breakfast with a view.

A Formal Espalier Grows on a Villa Wall

Fruit bearing espaliers are trained to grow against an exterior wall of the villa. This helps frame the residence within the garden and soften the architectural edges

A Formal Water Feature Nestled in a Hedge

Framed by tall green hedges, this formal water feature adds a whimsical detail to the garden. Water flows from a decorative ceramic mask hung from the plastered wall, into a basin filled with aquatic plants like water lillies.

A Rear Terrace Leads to the Swimming Pool

The rear terrace is framed by stone balustrades with decorative urns, leading to an inviting swimming pool. The line of the terrace is continued with the use of a linear hedge to further define the garden's spaces.

A Formal Stone Terrace

A formal terrace steps down to an architectural swimming pool surrounded by a lush green lawn. The pool coping material matches the stone used in the balustrade and the pavers on the terrace, creating a harmonious garden design.

A Stone Labyrinth and Urn in the Lawn

A decorative urn is set amongst stone pavers placed in a maze pattern in the lawn. This detail adds a contemplative feature to what would otherwise be just an empty lawn.

Layered Plantings in a Villa's Formal Garden

The beautiful bark of a Lagestroemia 'Natchez' creates visual interest in this formal villa's terrace.

A Formal Lawn Framed by Hedges

An expansive and lush lawn connects different rooms within the garden. The emerald green boxwood hedge with a clipped topiary defines the lawn from the swimming pool and the low blue fence and arbor frame a small floral and herb garden.

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