Formal English Rose Garden With Boxwoods, Antique Sculptures

This lovely formal English rose garden features walkways with layers of pruned boxwoods, antique statues, abundant topiaries and a round fountain. Pathways throughout the space form a succession of outdoor rooms.

Photo By: Juliana Conte

Photo By: Juliana Conte

Photo By: Juliana Conte

Photo By: Juliana Conte

Photo By: Juliana Conte

Photo By: Juliana Conte

Photo By: Juliana Conte

A Birdseye View of a Formal English Garden with Boxwood Topiaries

Historical inspiration was drawn from gardens in the United Kingdom's National Trust properties for this landscape. The succession of rooms defined by formal pathways, focal points and ornamental plantings are typical of classic parterre-style gardens.

A Formal English Garden Walkway with Climbing Roses

Formal walkways in the garden lead visitors through a succession of rooms, each with their own ornamental focal points. Here, a series of overhead metal arbors act as guides for garden roses to grow and climb upon, structured at the base by topiary boxwoods and strong stone pillars.

A Formal English Rose Garden with Antique Sculptures

Historic elements like an antique bronze sculpture of Cupid give this rose garden a formal feel. The low wall below it helps define the gravel pathway lined with pruned boxwood topiaries.

Layers of Pruned Boxwood in a Formal English Garden

To guide the eye through the garden, layers of pruned boxwood become central focal points that engage the visitor. Using the same plant in varying shapes and heights highlights the unique spaces within the formal garden and the artistry of a manicured, clipped hedge.

Formal English Garden

Rather than fill the empty space of the planting beds with an array of flowers and shrubs, the designer chose to emphasize the unique boxwood shapes by planting them far apart. A simple, neat layer of mulch ensures the focus remains on the artistic topiary element and deters the growth of weeds.

A Round Fountain Layered with Plants in a Formal English Garden

Layers of plants surround a round, formal stone fountain in this English garden. A short Boxwood hedge defines the edge, with an abundance of vibrant and herbaceous hyssop filling the interior to the fountain's stone edge. A central urn holds a red flowering begonia.

A Formal English Garden with Boxwood Topiaries and Fountain

The parterre style of the garden is defined with strong elements like topiary boxwoods in varying shapes, layered with softer plants like hyssop. The linear gravel walkway leads the visitor from the house to a formal, round fountain, and their eye to the lawn and landscape beyond.

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