Kenna received her formal education in interior design at the Art Institute of Seattle, and has been practicing interior design for over ten years.

“I design spaces that strive to achieve a balance between beauty, functionality and imagination. My designs focus on the needs and desires of each individual and accentuate the unique qualities of the architecture they impact. Being present and aware in my surroundings allows me to find inspiration for my designs in every place and at every moment. Whether in an ancient house of worship, a crowded city street, or my garden: the environment is my medium, and every place tells a unique story. I listen to these stories and help my clients create their own through their environments.

I am a proud member of a large creative family made up of artists, builders, carpenters, musicians, collectors, crafters and engineers. I feel fortunate to have been brought up with a determined spirit and working class values; values that led me to a deep appreciation for fine craftsmanship and natural, truthful materials. In my time outside of the design studio, I love to go exploring in the great big world and to try my hand at making things. Be it a healthy, delicious meal to enjoy with family and friends or a piece of pottery to serve it in, my path in life is to experience and create beauty whenever and however I can.

The intent of my work is to assist my clients in making beautiful, enduring, high quality and healthy choices that they will love to live with for many years to come.”

Kenna Stout

Kenna Stout

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