Katharine Webster is an internationally recognized American landscape and product designer. She earned her Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University's Graduate School of Design. She began her career with a highly-coveted position working in New York’s Central Park where she refined her talent and knowledge of traditional design. A rare apprenticeship with famed sculptor, Jackie Winsor presented her with a modern point of view - minimalism's geometry but eschewing the use of industrial materials and methods in favor of natural materials. Katharine Webster was mentored by the industry’s leading landscape design talent in both New York and California before launching Katharine Webster MLA, Inc. in San Francisco. In Spring 2014, Neiman Marcus and Horchow announced the launch of The Katharine Webster Outdoor Living Collection. It was the first time the company had collaborated on a product line with a landscape designer.

Katharine Webster views every project she takes on as an opportunity to design solutions that fit the needs and compliment the lifestyles of her clients. Katharine Webster and her team can transform any space – a deck, patio, back yard or plot of land into the client’s fantasy oasis. The landscapes created by the team are not “straight-forward” separate areas, but integrated spaces that flow together, not unlike how rooms flow together in a well-designed home. This innovative approach to the outdoors is what sets Katharine Webster apart and ahead of her peers.

While she has a following on both coasts and around the world, Katharine Webster treats her Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco like a small town. She is a well-known fixture and engaging personality on Sacramento Street and has collaborated with many interior designers and architects on an assortment of projects in San Francisco, Napa, Marin as well as the South Bay. In addition to her landscape design projects and innovative product collaborations with brands, she has dazzled attendees for three consecutive years with her incredible projects for the critically acclaimed San Francisco Decorator’s Showcase.

Katharine Webster and her work has been featured on television, magazines and newspapers around the country. 

Katharine Webster

Katharine Webster

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