Webber Coleman Woodworks builds high quality products for Athens, Watkinsville, Lake Oconee, the eastern Atlanta area, western South Carolina, and all of Northeast Georgia. It is a fully custom shop from beginning to end, every part designed, cut out, constructed, and installed to fit the customer's personal needs. Use of a computer generated design program makes your project very easy to visualize and manipulate. 

Our company is eco-friendly. There is no formaldehyde glue in the wood products that go into the construction of our cabinets. All paint materials are a low VOC formula so that very little volatile emissions are emitted into the atmosphere. 
Leftover wood dust and chips are collected and transported to a local farm where they are converted into compost for gardens. All unused paint products are sent to a recycling facility where the liquids are reclaimed. Any leftover solids are incinerated and then used to make cement.

Jessica Webber

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Webber Coleman Woodworks
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