Chris Jacobson began creating gardens in the Bay Area in the early 1970's while pursuing a career in the fine arts. He eventually fused the two pursuits into one concept, GardenArt. A fourth-generation California horticulturist, Chris has been one of the proponents of the New California Garden, an emerging movement that combines environmentalism, multi-culturalism and art. Chris is an advisory member of the board of The Mediterranean Garden Society. In 1994, Chris publishedA Different Shade of Green, a homeowner's manual which sketched out the basic tenants of what is now the "Green Movement" in landscape architecture and garden design.

After more than thirty years of gardening in California, Chris brings a unique blend of adventurous design sensibility with nuts and bolts practically to the landscape design table. Be they formal outdoor rooms or natural open spaces, a GardenArt project is an expression of a dynamic conceptual process that celebrates both the client and the site.

During the last 25 years our built projects have spanned a wide range of styles reflecting California's unique culture and climate, including 50’s-inspired Eichler Homes remodels, wineries, sophisticated San Francisco rooftops and naturalistic habitat gardens. We have a wide network of fellow professionals we can recommend for our projects, from building architects to skilled craftspersons, artists, and landscape contractors.

Chris Jacobson

Chris Jacobson

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