At Balance Associates, we strive to live up to our name. At the core of our work is pursuit of balance: Between natural and built environments; between a client’s vision and real-world parameters; between beauty and utility. Our trademark attention to the details of each unique site and our skill at unlocking their potential, have garnered numerous awards. 

By “our” process, we mean close collaboration between client and architect. It begins with careful listening, proceeds through thoughtful design, and culminates in a meticulously-crafted structure. We begin by asking clients, “How do you live now and what do your dreams look like?” Using one-on-one meetings and a time-tested proprietary questionnaire, we are able to zero in on wants and needs and assign square footage and preliminary costs to a client’s vision.

One of the most noted aspects of Balance Associates’ work is its integration with site, be it an urban streetscape or a wild mountainside. Our respect for the site grows out of a commitment to building in a beautiful, efficient and sustainable way. Direction of prevailing breezes affects passive ventilation strategies, sun angles determine overhangs, snow and rain dictate roof configurations, soils and slopes suggest whether a home should berm into a hillside or rest lightly on a fragile landscape. When we allow the site to influence design, the final product looks, feels, and lives harmoniously.

Selecting the proper contractor is critical to the success of each project. We cultivate relationships with highly-skilled contractors and work closely with them through the construction period. In order to more accurately predict costs upon completion of each design phase, we will often bring a contractor on-board early in the design process. Finally, Balance Associates is on hand throughout the construction period to answer questions, solve problems, and keep clients informed, as well as administer the construction contract. 

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