Rustic, Resort Style Home Designed for On-the-Go Family

An athletic, jet-setting family turned to designer Angelica Henry to add the same comfort and luxury they enjoy in resorts around the country to their ranch home in Arizona.
Neutral Family Room With Wood Ceiling and Large Fireplace

Large Family Room With Rustic Wood Ceiling

From floor to ceiling, this family room is full of texture. The distressed look of the wood ceiling and brick wall provides the rustic feel, while stunning finishes add to the resort-like ambiance.

Photo by: Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

What started as a closet renovation for Scottsdale, Ariz., designer Angelica Henry turned into master suite renovation and, eventually, a full-home remodeling project.

"After getting into the first phase and being excited about the changes and seeing the possibilities to update the design and take it to the next level, (the homeowners) re-evaluated the scope of work to be done and made the leap to a full remodel and addition," Henry says.

Working with a large-scale house and a resort-style wishlist, Henry wanted to create a livable space with hardwearing materials that provided the luxury of staying in a hotel. High ceilings, glazed finishes and modern technologies fill the home, but it’s the unique mix of materials that gives it character.

(The homeowners) were really excited about unique uses of materials and pushing the boundaries with new concepts and new techniques.
Interior Designer Angelica Henry

Drawing on the family’s enthusiasm, Henry pushed the boundaries in every space, most notably in the family room. An 80-inch flatscreen sits behind a large wooden panel on a lift just above the fireplace. “It was just a lot of coordination and engineering that went into that entire design,” Henry says.

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The panel is branded with a custom-made cattle ranch logo that Henry designed for the family, and is made to rise and fall at the touch of a button. Custom features like this one are infused throughout the entire home in aspects big and small.

Transitional Neutral Walk-In Closet With Makeup Vanity

Two Story Master Closet for Her

This two story closet for her feels more like a department store than a closet. A large vanity, a storage island and plenty of display space are just a few of the perks it has to offer.

Photo by: Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

A thread of rustic features, including wood textures, metal accents and a variety of leathers, tie the whole home together. Each room gained a personality all its own with a varied mix of color, pattern and texture. “I think that’s really what defines the house and what makes the house,” says Henry. “All of those unique elements and materials and just bringing them together in a unique way.”

Henry’s favorite space to create, she says, was the master closet for the lady of the house. “It’s not everyday that you get to do a two story closet that feels a little more like you're in a department store than in a persons closet,” Henry said.

While the grandeur of the space is immediately noticeable in the custom brass chandelier, the soaring ceilings and the dazzling vanity, the closet is infused with luxury in all the little details as well. Metallic accents on the wood floors or glazed leather stairs risers are the precise touches Henry believes are the most important. “It’s not necessarily everything you see right away that’s on a big scale, it’s all of those smaller details you start to notice after you’ve been in the space one or two times,’ Henry said.

Similar custom details are incorporated throughout the home to make sure layers of texture are present everywhere. This texture, Henry says, is important to creating a balance in the home. If you want to recreate a similar look she also suggests ranges of scale and pattern, not to mention something unexpected to “give it your own stamp.”

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