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Lush Garden and Gray Stone Patio

This luscious backyard space, designed by Alderwood Landscaping, creates a cozy place to relax and entertain. The rich greenery gives this backyard color and makes the space feel remote and tucked away.

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Woodland Backyard Patio With Stone Fire Pit

This quiet backyard patio is located in the midst of tall trees and a variety of lively plants. Gray stone and boulders are used throughout the area, and a coordinating fire pit provides a spot for cozy relaxation.

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Backyard Patio With Gray Stone Fire Pit

An overhead view of this gray stone patio showcases the cozy fire pit area with a wooden loveseat featuring neutral cushions. Large gray boulders trim the space, while surrounding perennial plants and flowers offer a lively touch.

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Secluded Backyard Patio With Stone Fire Pit

This private backyard patio renovation includes gray stone and boulders throughout, including the cozy fire pit area. An outdoor dining table with a neutral umbrella provides a lovely place for enjoying afternoon lunch, while long wood steps lead to a deck area that overlooks the surrounding tree-lined property.

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Backyard Patio Renovation With Dining Area

Once completely unusable, this sloped backyard was transformed into an amazing space with outdoor dining, a large fire pit and a grilling area. The project required extensive grading, rock outcropping and drainage to create the ideal outdoor atmosphere. A variety of plants were used to make the space feel lively.