Jodi Morton founded 2to5 Design in 2010. She developed a passion for design and a keen eye for creating sophisticated, livable spaces while growing up in Chicago’s affluent North Shore, studying the work of legendary designers, and spending over a decade restoring old Chicago and North Shore homes to accommodate her growing family.

Today, Jodi is a sought-after designer whose work has been recognized in numerous publications including CS Interiors, Chicago Tribune, Make it Better, and others. Many of her clients have young families whose homes are buzzing with activity. Jodi begins by developing an understanding of their personal style and needs and collaborates with them to create rooms that are both beautiful and functional.

Using the architecture of the space to guide her, Jodi moves effortlessly from modern, clean interiors to traditional, eclectic spaces. The outcome is a warm, layered home that is unique and pleasing to the homeowners.

“Your home is the center of your life. You spend much of every day there and when you return home from work or play you want a welcoming environment that’s comfortable and meaningful. My job is to help people connect with their homes and love where they live. ”

Jodi received her BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, her MBA from Loyola University-Chicago and continued her education in Interior Design at the Institute of Art-Chicago. She lives in Evanston, IL with her husband and their three children.

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