The Best of's Outdoor Rooms

Your home doesn't end at your front (or back) door. Designing your outdoor rooms is an integral part of the statement of your style. Here, your favorite features from's outdoor rooms.

#5 Colorful Spaces

Bold splashes of color, brightly flowering plants and gorgeous, earthy tiles make the outdoor rooms in this sunny package all-time favorites.

#4 Television's Top Spots

Take some incredible spaces, add the outdoors, and swirl in some of HGTV's best designers and what do you get? User's favorite outdoor rooms from the best of the best.

#3 Rooms at All Prices

Whether it’s just changing the cushions on your patio furniture, or creating a dream space with pocketed sliding glass doors, these show-stopping pictures detail how you can dress up your outdoors on any budget.

#2 Spaces on a Budget

These wallet-friendly rooms still deliver great design and style to your outdoor space. Who wouldn't want to relax under this inviting outdoor canopy?

#1 Outdoor Showers

Who would’ve thought that the most popular feature in outdoor rooms would be showers? Our users gravitated toward these graceful, natural water elements in breath-taking settings.

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