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14 Sensational Outdoor Saunas

These poolside, lakeside and beachside saunas can heat up your options for outdoor relaxation and help you fight stress.

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Photo: Lucy Tuck, Outdoor Craftsmen

Earth House

Stone walls and log timbers show off the skilled craftsmanship in this stunning woodsy sauna by Outdoor Craftsmen in Colorado. The sauna door opens onto a stone bridge that crosses over a water feature. The planting design is enhanced with colorful container arrangements.

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Photo: Lucy Tuck, Outdoor Craftsmen

Adult Playground

An outdoor sauna and hot tub are part of a "healing, restorative landscape with connections to nature" say the experts at the Colorado-based Outdoor Craftsmen.

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Photo: Lucy Tuck/Outdoor Craftsmen

Stone Sauna Aglow

The "Earth House" sauna is constructed with stone, log timbers and a green roof, which hosts a combination of dwarf evergreens and ornamental grasses. The stone walls give the sauna a solid, grounded appearance and an artistic, craftsman quality. It was built by Outdoor Craftsmen, a Colorado company.

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Photo: Paul Dyer, Gast Architects

Rooftop Retreat

A rooftop deck with panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and other Bay Area landmarks features an outdoor sauna for these California penthouse owners. Gast Architects integrated the sauna into the structure of the stairs. The wall is made of terra cotta accent stone from Realstone Systems.

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