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Costa Rica Home Brings Contemporary Design to the Jungle

This home brings luxury to the jungle with its contemporary design that takes cues from the lush, natural Costa Rica surroundings.

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Terrace With Kitchen and Living Area

This terrace has it all: a kitchen with marble countertops, living area with a comfortable couch, and a decorate tree that creates a magical atmosphere.

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Modern Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen island has built-in bar seating for a place to grab a quick bite, and the space has a stunning black dining table to the right for formal dining.

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Modern Kitchen With Glass Doors

The kitchen has marble countertops, high end appliances, and triple-height floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to the living area and beautiful terrace.

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Social Area Integrated Into Italian Kitchen

The entrance of the home opens up to the socials areas with gray granite floors and connects to the Italian style kitchen.

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